Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Valentine's Day 2015

Another AFK event designed to waste Pet Food because IMC doesn't want you to AFK in town without spending Feso... Collect event items in fields, then trade them to Event NPC (Mary) in Reboldoeux for your choice of rewards:
  • Twinkling Ore x2 = Medal of Honor D, Training Card B (Event), Veteran EXP Card, or Triumph Filler (Event)
  • Twinkling Ore x10 = Combat Manual - Master (7 days) or Tactics Manual - Master (7 days)
  • Twinkling Ore x40 = Common Artifact Material (e.g. Moon Piece, Vampire Heart)

Also, Mysterious Doors will spawn randomly in field maps for an event daily mission, similar to Claire's Carnation Event. You must have at least Family Level 15 to participate in this event mission.

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