Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Grow Lyndon & Enhancing Spree Events

Again, T3Fun still refuses to patch to Armonia Episode 4.

Master of Strengthening (Feb 04-26, 2015) rewards players who successfully enhance up to 2 (AR31+) weapons and 2 (DR30+) armors. The base +0 weapon/armor cannot be older than 1 month at the start of event, and all enhancements must be done during event period.

The reward will be inserted within 24 hours in 2 batches - Feb 11 and 26, 2015. You must send a ticket to participate in this event. See event details for specific instructions. The featured new rumins are Kore , Kalyke , and Eukelade .

Crystal Hogger (Feb 04-28, 2015) rewards the top 20 players who accumulate the most Shiny Crystal Chests during the event period.Winners will be announced in the forums on March 03, 2015.

Grow Lyndon Event (Feb 04-24, 2015) rewards Sabre Tiger Pet (ATK vs Monsters +20%, Penetration +5, Critical +10) for training the event character Lyndon to High Master. Lyndon will be deleted after the event.