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Weapon Glows

The article Power of the Glow explains the chance of enhancement success. Basically, from +1 to +4, it is 100% success rate. Every +1 thereafter reduces the success rate by half. So, +5 success rate is 50%, +6 success rate is 25%, etc. A +5/+6/+7/+8 weapon grants AR+1/+2/+3/+4. A +9 weapon grants AR+6, while a +10 weapon grants AR+9.

The article only shows a picture of a +8 weapon. The following are the full range of glows from +5 to +10...

Bellem Ruins

You should have read about Bellem Ruins from v2.4 New Feature: Island of Fire article:

"Bellem’s Ruins have been discovered on the Island of Fire. You can enter Bellem Ruins from Bellem Tombstone found at ‘Island of Fire’ (Channel 1 only). You must have a Key of Bellem and can only enter within a specific time period. There will be a server wide announcement whenever the Bellem Ruins are open. Bellem Ruins is a place where mini bosses and bosses are summoned randomly. After hunting the Mini boss and the boss monster, you will find a treasure chest with your name on it which can only be opened by you."

How can I enter Bellem Ruins?
You can enter Bellem Ruins when the Bellem Tombstone is unsealed. Every 3 hours, there will be a server-wide notice:

[Notice] After 10 minutes, the Bellem Tombstone will be released from its seal.

Another notice will flash after 10 minutes:

[Notice] Bellem Tombstone is unsealed.

By clicking on the unsealed tombstone, you can enter Bellem Ruins if you h…

April's Fool Event

April's Fool Event (3-10 April 2008): The event support soldiers are giving away ‘Liar’s Soup’ to the first 9,999 Pioneers who correctly complete his wacky April Fools’ Day quiz. Talk to an Event Support Soldier in any of the major cities, and choose the WRONG answer to each question he asks. If you get all the questions wrong, he’ll give you a bowl of ‘Liar’s Soup.’ You can attempt the quiz 3 times a day.

The "correct" response is the "wrong" answer. The questions are presented in random order by the NPC. The following are the questions and the "correct" response.

What is a catch phrase of the GE Comics Fighter?
• Dreamz and Fantazzies.. • The Time is Now! • The Good Fight!

Who is the manliest pioneer in Granado Espada?
• Claude Baudez • M'Boma • Andre Janzur

What is Otite?
• Grace Bernelli's Obsession • Japanese Hair Gel • A Mysterious Metal

What does Gracielo demand to eat when you first meet him?
• Chocolate • Hrin's Rabbit • Ferruccio Milk