Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

April's Fool Event

April's Fool Event (3-10 April 2008): The event support soldiers are giving away ‘Liar’s Soup’ to the first 9,999 Pioneers who correctly complete his wacky April Fools’ Day quiz. Talk to an Event Support Soldier in any of the major cities, and choose the WRONG answer to each question he asks. If you get all the questions wrong, he’ll give you a bowl of ‘Liar’s Soup.’ You can attempt the quiz 3 times a day.

The "correct" response is the "wrong" answer. The questions are presented in random order by the NPC. The following are the questions and the "correct" response.

What is a catch phrase of the GE Comics Fighter?
• Dreamz and Fantazzies.. • The Time is Now!The Good Fight!

Who is the manliest pioneer in Granado Espada?
Claude BaudezM'Boma • Andre Janzur

What is Otite?
Grace Bernelli's Obsession • Japanese Hair Gel • A Mysterious Metal

What does Gracielo demand to eat when you first meet him?
Chocolate • Hrin's Rabbit • Ferruccio Milk

Which character has a "Construction" stance?
• Hrin • AngieJack

How can you earn searches for Adelina's Booty?
Top up a pre-paid GVCTop up by SingTel SMS • Buy Adelina Flowers

What will you find in Katovic?
Snow • Dr. Torsche • More Snow

Describe Catherine the Summoner.
• Former Queen of England • Formerly Dead DaughterReanimated Corpse

What monster can Viki summon?
Treasure GolemArarat • Adelina's Booty

Each time you answer the quiz correctly, you get a Liar's Soup. There are 3 types of Liar's Soup, according to the item description:
  • Increase SP in bulk
    Reduces 300 SP for all characters.

  • Decrease HP in bulk
    Heals 1200+ HP for all characters.

  • Worthless buff
    [Hrin's Touch] Most attributes improve. Remaining time: 300 Seconds.
    This effect grants DEF +20, ATK Speed 20% Up, ATK 20% Up, and all RES +20 (max. 75).