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sGE: Clocking Event

There is a clocking event for sGE, from Oct 1 (5pm) to Oct 29 (5pm). If you login for at least 1 hour a day for 28 days, you will receive the following reward on Nov 05, 2009:

1 Forgotten Territory Pass1 Ancient Territory Pass 1 Ancient Shelter Pass1 Field Manual1 Combat Manual30 Pet FoodSylph Wings (7 days)Fairy Wings (7 days)Phoenix Wings (7 days)
There will be partial rewards for 7-days, 14-days, and 21-days as well. For more details, see Hickory Dickory Dock.

Meanwhile, there was also a hacking "event" earlier this month, over which some frustrated players have quit. Others continue to complain in Hacked Or Epic System Failure? forum topic. Some points to remember:

Never give out your password to anyone, not even guild leaders, friends, or "pilot" trainers... and especially not potential phishing sites.
Avoid playing in a public-access computer (e.g. Internet cafe), if possible. Or at least, change your password on your own computer after doing so.Do not use 3rd-pa…

Customized Launcher Page

When the game launcher is started, it will automatically load a specific webpage, as such SNW Launcher Page or IAHGames Launcher Page. This page can be changed to some other site, such as Twitter.

To change the laucher webpage, do the following. Always remember to back-up files before you modify them.
Open updater.config.xml file in Granado Espada folder with Notepad.Find the line <URL Key="Notice" Value="..."> and change the value to...
Value=""Save and start the game launcher.
This will load the SNW Twitter RSS Feed via RSS2HTML. You can refresh the page by clicking within the window and press F5. RSS2HTML also allows limited color themes, simply change the first 2 numbers of URL value template-1-3-1 to other numbers. The first number (1) is layout 1-3, while the second number (3) is color scheme 1-6. So to load lay…

SNW 55: A New Civilization

The newly elected Chancellor of Orpesia opened the way to Errac (also called El Dorado in this game edition), and lots of players rushed into the new land. Within a few days, the first part of the server quest (500 Elemental Jewels) was completed, resulting in the arrival of the Location Storage Soldier to provide a start point in Errac.

The family also joined in the rush. Unfortunately, they were only Lv.2-3 Experts, so most of the mobs in Tierra Dias and Tierra Noche had orange names. In 3 days, they farmed Rhodolite Piece x35, Excrement Lump (aka Nightsoil) x15, and Ancient Runes - Ti x2, An x2, Te x1, and Ar x1.

The family bought a Symbol of Sagittarius, but it turned out to be way over-priced... which is really stupid, since the family cannot get the expert stances anyway because Great Stones are only accessible from cash shop and are not tradable until v3.4. Why did they not put the stones in the feso shop like they did for kGE v3.0.13? Ugh. Anyway, since there is no rush to get e…

Imperial Wheel - Sept 2009

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Sept 2009. Other than the following new items and the standard cash shop items, it also included a Lv.96 elite armor.

Hron's Scam Box Treasure Trove - Type 2
Meanwhile, sGE has released Hron's Treasure Trove - Type 2. It included several Lv.92 elite weapons previously from ABS (e.g. Silver Skullic Bracer, Crystal Shooter), Lv.96 elite armor costumes for fighter/wizard, and several wigs. This will be available in cash shop (1,500 G-Points) from 24 Sep to 15 Oct 2009.

Night Soil

Night soil is a euphemism for human feces, which is excreted into a container or bucket, and is sometimes collected in the container with urine and other waste. In urban areas, usually slums, a night soil collector will arrive regularly, at varying time periods depending on the supply and demand for night soil collection. Usually this occurs during the night, giving the night soil its name.

Excrement is a more general term for feces, shit, and crap... but you know that already. I wonder what China/Taiwan editions of Granado Espada call this item? 魔兽屎? 妖大便? Heh.

kGE v4.0.31 Update

kGE has released its v4.0.31 Patch Notes for the test server. It seems like they are testing out releasing version info without pictures for faster news delivery. What's the point of telling us there's new costumes without pictures? Meh.

1. Top Raid - Land of the Dead
A new raid will be available in Land of the Dead. Not much else is revealed as yet.

2. Scout Constellation Stance - Enhanced Tactics
A new expert stance Enhanced Tactics will be available. It requires Symbol of Scorpio. From kGE Screenboard, the stance include Melee Enhancement, Magic Enhancement, Shooting Enhancement, Escape Artist, and Principal.

Book of Wind has more information about the stance in v4.0.33. It seems Scout, Soho, Soho the Wind, Viki, and Emilia (but not ETS) will receive the stance.

Screenshots of the skills and rosario have been uploaded to ImageShack Gallery here. The images are taken from 道具相关.

3. Elite Trump Weapons
A new weapon series has been added. Elite Trump weapons can be enchanted, unlike …

SNW 54: The Bitter Soul

On the first day of v3.0.13 update, the family revived and killed Cortes to recruit Selvaria (Selva), named after Selvaria Bles, who is the um... well-endowed Valkyria serving under Prince Maximilian in the game/anime Valkyria Chronicles. Thanks to RingWoody and Misericordiia families for the squad to take down Giant Avalanche Apparition! The family won't be focusing on her leveling just yet though.

Destiny's Chains (v3.2): ATK +5%, ATK Speed +10%, DEF +20
The experts started on the quest to trail Emilia's father into the sewers. However, as the chancellor of Orpesia has not yet been elected, Errac is still not accessible. Candidate registration just started yesterday, so hopefully the new chancellor will start the server quest quickly next week.

So instead, they made 7 visits to Bellem's Relics, and looted Elite Ring Mail, Elite Striform, Elite Camisa de Soldado, and other Lv.84 elite rubbish. Jack and Anahita (f/sco) failed in treasure hunt again, in which nobody found …

Secret Room Tickets

A few players were asking about the Secret Room Tickets earlier today, since the low-level bosses are getting attention again due to Constellation Symbols. The bosses of the 4 old dungeons can drop colored tickets which allow access to secret rooms where you can loot some random elite equipment from treasure chests. See also Colored Tickets of the Secret Rooms (sGE) and 2ch Wiki (jGE).

TicketBossAccess PointLootRedDilos LatemnAl Quelt Moreza Parsonage (G8)Lv.28 EliteYellowTreasure GolemTetra Ruins Catacombs (I8)
Lv.36-52 EliteBlueChimera
Porto Bello Cabin (B7)
Lv.52-68 EliteGreenRavyn's Heart
Skeleton Dungeon 1F (K5)
Lv.84 Elite
Furthermore, there is a hengestone inside the Red Ticket Secret Room. [Source] For other hengestones, see Wiki of the New World.

SNW v3.0.13 Update

Sword of the New World has updated to v3.0.13 today, along with X-Trap 2779. The Constellation Symbol Boxes should also be added to cash shop as well. See Echoes of an Empire Details and The Big Maintenance.

For more in-depth details, see sGE v3.0 Patch Notes and sGE Version Updates articles. (The main game content should be almost identical, except for in-game events and cash shop which IMC usually allows the hosting companies to have more customization.)

To get to the new civilization, the Chancellor must be elected to open the way as mentioned here. If the in-game elections are still bugged, then this patch will be totally LOL. The Commerce Negotiation server quests are detailed here. Detailed guides for Nar and Selva are already available at Book of Wind: Characters or That Iguana's Selva Compendium and Nar-gh.

Those who waited for v2.9b will remember the epic failure back then. Now, it looks like the G1 team is getting its act together.

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Server Onl…

Games Convention Asia 2009

Granado Espada will be featuring in Games Convention Asia 2009 at Suntec (Singapore) during 17-20 Sep 2009. There will be some events to get free laptop skins and handphone wipers.

On 19 Sep (3pm), there will be an RMT auction for +7 Elite Le Noir and +7 Constellation Weapons. According to the event notice... "All proceeds from this event will be donated to charity."

See sGE @ Games Convention Asia 2009 for more details.

Update: See the Post-Event Article. The charity organization concerned was Community Chest. The +7 ELN was sold for SGD 600-1488. The total donation from the event was SGD 3628.

SNW 53: More Lag

Jack trained Miata (Claire) and Candide (Lorch) in Rion Dungeon Hollow, while Flatulus (Gracielo) trained in Gigante Beach, where he met another spinelling family - Khyahra. Miata (Claire) finally reached Lv.68, and received her +6 Elite Slayer.

The experts made 6 visits to Bellem's Relics, and recovered Conqueror Shotgun, Grim-Wight, Elite Graciegote, and other Lv.84 elite equipment.

While farming chips in Fire Isle Zone 2, the new veterans looted Wooden Controller and Wooden Whistle. They also looted Lv.96 chip in Scorching Plateau. They wanted to test their luck with Capybara Treasure Box, so they hunted a few Golden Bats. But they gave up after one bat killed the whole team as Anahita (f/sco) lagged and wasn't able to move and lure it around the attackers.

Even after maintenance, the lag still persisted. I even got disconnected talking to NPC merchants and gambling chips with Tiburon. Disappointing, but thankfully, a few days after maintenance, the lag was gone.

Grandmaster Rank

The Grandmaster rank is now available for sGE. It requires a rather ridiculous family level of 45 (Grandmaster) and 50 (Righteous Grandmaster)... See The Noble's Court.

An amusing quote from the forums regarding the new noble rank...

only super botters wud get the stat flags, change the name to righteous botter pls :3 [Source]

How Many Soups For Garcia?

It seems like some players are still confused about how many soups you need to get Garcia (aka Gavin for sGE). Some guides say that you must complete Trace of Cruelty quest (1 soup) to finish Garcia's quests (1 soup), thus you need 2 soups in all. This is NOT true. You do not have to complete Trace of Cruelty quest at all; you just need to start the quest. You can recruit Garcia with just one soup. Here is how to do it.

Do Katovic Snowfield Quests until Trace of Cruelty quest. Invierno will ask you to collect the soup ingredients - Cabbage x50, Beet x50, Wolf Meat x50, and Golden Apple x20. Once you have the ingredients, he will ask you to collect 3 quest items in Glacial Forecourt (aka Snowfield of the Ice Wizard). See Trigger Spot: Trace of Cruelty entry.Talk to Invierno, who will ask you to make a soup.Click on the pot next to Invierno, and make one soup. After this, do NOT talk to Invierno again. You are advised to put the soup in your vault to avoid accidental usage.
Complete a…


This is the reason why Claude should have never asked Claire to do those ridiculous quests... Terrible things happen when a girl gets desperate.

SNW 52: Lolita & Wind-Breaker

Donning his Bear Suit, Empedocles (m/ele) seduced an unsuspecting little girl (Claire) into the family, naming her Miata, an unstable half-demon child who fights demons with her great sword in Claymore manga. For some unknown reasons, the Bear Suit also attracted Flatulus (Gracielo), who was named after the Ephebian God of the Winds in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. See Claire-Bear for a comic rendering of this family event.

The experts made 4 visits to Bellem's Relics, and recovered Daemon Sword, Dragon Hunter Bayonet, and other Lv.84 elite equipment. Anahita (f/sco) and Jack found their 25th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2: Bracelet of Leviathan, Elite Bracelet of Uranus, and Elite Peacemaker.

Originally, the family intended to revisit Los Toldos again this weekend, but couldn't make it due to a persistent lag over the past few days. Even moving was a problem - there was a 1-5 seconds lag between clicking on a spot and the characters starting to move. As such, the famil…

SNW Symbol Boxes

SNW is going to implement 2 new cash shop boxes, which has a chance to drop constellation symbols and chips. They are somewhat similar to sGE's Zodiac Box and Zodiac Chest here.

OoPS Support Box: As trade negotiations with the Erracan people close, the Office of Pioneering Support (OOPS) has collected new materials and made them available to Pioneers! This box randomly awards one of the following: Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Leo, Lv.100 Enchant Chip and more! - 150 Gold

OoPS Erracan Box: As a display of devotion to their new allies, the Erracan people have sent these special boxes for the Office of Pioneering Support (OoPS) to provide pioneers with. This box randomly awards one of the following: Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Aquarius, Lv.100 Enchant Chip and more! - 150 Gold

It's a chance for 2 chips. [Source]

The new "random" boxes will always give you something of at least it's value (be that a Warp Scroll Permit, Quarters Permit or bett…

Veteran & Expert EXP Test

A friend asked me to run an EXP test again for veterans and experts. This test was conducted using a solo character (i.e. one-character team) without any EXP buff (e.g. Combat Manual). The sGE family used is Lv.22+0, while SNW family used is Lv.24+0. Currently, SNW is v2.9, while sGE is v3.4. Of course, there may be hidden EXP factors which are not held constant, so this is more like an estimate than a precise, controlled experiment.

The following is the actual EXP amount gained from killing the specified monster by a Lv.1 Expert*. (Advancing from Lv.1 to Lv.2 Expert requires about 270m EXP.)

MonstersGE EXPSNW EXPEscudo Prefer* (Lv.111) 4,257 4,257Eligo (Lv.110) 12,555 12,555
The following is the actual EXP amount gained from killing the specified monster by a Lv.1 Veteran*. (Advancing from Lv.1 to Lv.2 Veteran requires about 140m EXP.)

MonstersGE EXPSNW EXPThief Leader* (Lv.99) 2,578 2,578Bear Walker* (Lv.104) 4,456 4,456
As you can see, there is no difference in EXP gained between t…