Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 54: The Bitter Soul

On the first day of v3.0.13 update, the family revived and killed Cortes to recruit Selvaria (Selva), named after Selvaria Bles, who is the um... well-endowed Valkyria serving under Prince Maximilian in the game/anime Valkyria Chronicles. Thanks to RingWoody and Misericordiia families for the squad to take down Giant Avalanche Apparition! The family won't be focusing on her leveling just yet though.

Destiny's Chains (v3.2): ATK +5%, ATK Speed +10%, DEF +20

The experts started on the quest to trail Emilia's father into the sewers. However, as the chancellor of Orpesia has not yet been elected, Errac is still not accessible. Candidate registration just started yesterday, so hopefully the new chancellor will start the server quest quickly next week.

So instead, they made 7 visits to Bellem's Relics, and looted Elite Ring Mail, Elite Striform, Elite Camisa de Soldado, and other Lv.84 elite rubbish. Jack and Anahita (f/sco) failed in treasure hunt again, in which nobody found the darn thing. Then, Jack led some pioneer members to do 5 Interchange Lv.1 missions, and looted Castor Guard and Pollux Sword.

Meanwhile, the veterans looted another Sword Breaker in Scorching Plateau, where Maimonides (m/mus) reached Veteran Lv.2. They also spent a day in Los Toldos, using 82 Mysterious Powders to farm 103 Pure Otites. They crafted Elite Skullic Bracer, Elite Dragon Tooth, and Elite Iron Pistol.

And the personal "quest" to make/buy lots of Lv.36 Enchantment Chips continues...