Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 53: More Lag

Jack trained Miata (Claire) and Candide (Lorch) in Rion Dungeon Hollow, while Flatulus (Gracielo) trained in Gigante Beach, where he met another spinelling family - Khyahra. Miata (Claire) finally reached Lv.68, and received her +6 Elite Slayer.


The experts made 6 visits to Bellem's Relics, and recovered Conqueror Shotgun, Grim-Wight, Elite Graciegote, and other Lv.84 elite equipment.

While farming chips in Fire Isle Zone 2, the new veterans looted Wooden Controller and Wooden Whistle. They also looted Lv.96 chip in Scorching Plateau. They wanted to test their luck with Capybara Treasure Box, so they hunted a few Golden Bats. But they gave up after one bat killed the whole team as Anahita (f/sco) lagged and wasn't able to move and lure it around the attackers.


Even after maintenance, the lag still persisted. I even got disconnected talking to NPC merchants and gambling chips with Tiburon. Disappointing, but thankfully, a few days after maintenance, the lag was gone.