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SNW Symbol Boxes

SNW is going to implement 2 new cash shop boxes, which has a chance to drop constellation symbols and chips. They are somewhat similar to sGE's Zodiac Box and Zodiac Chest here.

OoPS Support Box: As trade negotiations with the Erracan people close, the Office of Pioneering Support (OOPS) has collected new materials and made them available to Pioneers! This box randomly awards one of the following: Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Leo, Lv.100 Enchant Chip and more! - 150 Gold

OoPS Erracan Box: As a display of devotion to their new allies, the Erracan people have sent these special boxes for the Office of Pioneering Support (OoPS) to provide pioneers with. This box randomly awards one of the following: Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Aquarius, Lv.100 Enchant Chip and more! - 150 Gold

It's a chance for 2 chips. [Source]

The new "random" boxes will always give you something of at least it's value (be that a Warp Scroll Permit, Quarters Permit or better things like Enchant Chips or Amritas). We really are working to make the item you get worth the 150 gold. [Source]

Now that doesn't mean the Symbols will drop out of every box. That's not our intent. But we are confident it will give those who do not have the ability or time to raid an alternative, which is our intent.

In general we really want to be selling items on the cash shop that pit time versus money. Not "Power" versus "Time". The XP manuals are good examples of the time versus money thing. For someone who doesn't have the time (or consistent internet connection) to level up their characters they can pay to level their characters faster.

For raiding clans, they will quickly create the new weapons and stances. They will most likely do it first too. But these boxes will allow non-raiders (especially those who don't control Faction Wars) a chance at them as well. That to us is a "Time" versus "Money" option that we are glad to offer.

But again, don't assume you'll get a Symbol every box and don't assume you'll need to buy 10,000 boxes to get one. There is a happy medium. [Source]

When the boxes are released, I hope the box spammers will do a sample list of how many symbols drop out of 50 or 100 boxes. There is also a Sage Necklace Promotion for gold-buyers.


Update: The following is a list of known drops. See also 51 OoPS Boxes and OoPS Box Discussion.
  • Lv.90 (920k) EXP Card x6
  • Secret Area Pass (1 day)
  • Ancient Area Pass (1 day)
  • Lacquer +6: General
  • Lv.92 Enchantment Chip x8
  • Lv.100 Enchantment Chip x2
  • Earth Stone x2
  • Strength Potion x2
  • Amrita x2
  • Socket Flux
  • Symbol of Sagittarius (Erracan)
  • Symbol ofAquarius (Erracan)
  • Symbol of Capricorn (Support)
  • Symbol of Leo (Support)
  • Symbol of Taurus (Support)


Divinicus said…
those boxes were removed from the cash shop in sGE. sad that i was on hiatus during the time they were buyable =/