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How Many Soups For Garcia?

It seems like some players are still confused about how many soups you need to get Garcia (aka Gavin for sGE). Some guides say that you must complete Trace of Cruelty quest (1 soup) to finish Garcia's quests (1 soup), thus you need 2 soups in all. This is NOT true. You do not have to complete Trace of Cruelty quest at all; you just need to start the quest. You can recruit Garcia with just one soup. Here is how to do it.

  • Do Katovic Snowfield Quests until Trace of Cruelty quest. Invierno will ask you to collect the soup ingredients - Cabbage x50, Beet x50, Wolf Meat x50, and Golden Apple x20.
  • Once you have the ingredients, he will ask you to collect 3 quest items in Glacial Forecourt (aka Snowfield of the Ice Wizard). See Trigger Spot: Trace of Cruelty entry.
  • Talk to Invierno, who will ask you to make a soup.
  • Click on the pot next to Invierno, and make one soup. After this, do NOT talk to Invierno again. You are advised to put the soup in your vault to avoid accidental usage.
  • Complete all the pioneering quests up to Bahamar Pioneering Quests.
  • Continue with Garcia's Recruitment Quests, until Seal of Novia quest where you have to defeat Novia.
  • Talk to Invierno about curing Garcia. He will ask for one soup and 10 philosopher's stones.
  • Take the soup from your vault, then talk to Invierno again. You should see the following screenshot where you get to choose which quest you want to use the soup for.
  • Choose "Save Garcia" option in the dialog, and the soup will be used for recruiting Garcia instead of Trace of Cruelty quest.
  • Then, return to Auch and carry on with Garcia's Recruitment Quests to get his card.


Edit: There was reportedly a "Vanishing Cabbages" bug. See Garcia Soup Bugged?.