Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v4.0.31 Update

kGE has released its v4.0.31 Patch Notes for the test server. It seems like they are testing out releasing version info without pictures for faster news delivery. What's the point of telling us there's new costumes without pictures? Meh.

1. Top Raid - Land of the Dead
A new raid will be available in Land of the Dead. Not much else is revealed as yet.

2. Scout Constellation Stance - Enhanced Tactics
A new expert stance Enhanced Tactics will be available. It requires Symbol of Scorpio. From kGE Screenboard, the stance include Melee Enhancement, Magic Enhancement, Shooting Enhancement, Escape Artist, and Principal.

Book of Wind has more information about the stance in v4.0.33. It seems Scout, Soho, Soho the Wind, Viki, and Emilia (but not ETS) will receive the stance.

Screenshots of the skills and rosario have been uploaded to ImageShack Gallery here. The images are taken from 道具相关.

3. Elite Trump Weapons
A new weapon series has been added. Elite Trump weapons can be enchanted, unlike the unique Trump weapons.
  • ATK Rating 31
  • Requires Lv.96 Enchantment Chips for enchantment
  • Max. Upgrade Accelerators (Enhancement Boosters): 15
  • Base damage is slightly higher than regular Trump weapons
  • Veteran Exclusive
  • Trade in Arsene Circus Ticket + Archangel's Heart + Siren's Scale + Seed of Rafflesia

4. Constellation Weapon Adjustments
Constellation Weapons gained built-in options (e.g. Desert Storm's Acc +10). A list of changes is available at Book of Wind.

5. New Costumes
New costumes and hats for elementalist - Olga Patricia (male) and Patricia Rose (female).

The picture below is taken from kGE Magic Scroll. There is also a full-body picture available at kGE Screenboard.


6a. Misc. - Secret Guard Update
Secret Guard contract will be terminated when the apprentice family reaches family level 15. Availability for Secret Guard will be added to Family Profile.

6b. Misc. - Arsene Circus
Mission can be entered with a key, crafted with 5 Pure Silver Bars (available from Item Dealer NPC) and "ground-water" (?). The latter drops from monsters, probably in Reboldeaux sewers.

6c. Misc - Leather Armor
Karjalain will be able to wear Fighter Leather. Lorch and Auch Infantry will be able to wear Scout Leather.

6d. Misc. - Martial arts MHP Add Options
Martial arts stance on the basic performance of the MHP will be granted additional options.

7a. Others - New Raid Mission
A new raid has been added. Keys can be created from a NPC in Auch. Mission start point is in Bahamar Underground Cave.

7b. Others - Al Quetz Moreza, Holy Water Chamber
Mission can be done once per day, independent of Arsene Circus raid. In addition, a NPC in Reboldeaux offers monster hunts which rewards EXP cards.

7c. Others - Ania's Stance & Weapons
Constellation weapon has been added for Ania. Its recipe can be acquired from Haman in Errac. Semi-Lunar stance has been modified.

7d. Others - Adjustments to Martial Arts Stances
Martial Arts stances and skills will be adjusted slightly.

7e. Others - Trump Lute ATK Speed
Trump lute (aka instrument) has added ATK Speed 20%.

8. Coming Soon™
The following will be revealed in the next official kGE update.
  • Secrets of the 5 Elements - Wind: Torsche's Mansion Basement
  • Character - Catherine Torsche
  • Constellation Lute Stance - Symbol of Virgo
  • Constellation Cannon Stance - Symbol of Sagittarius
  • Constellation Sabre Stance - Symbol of Cancer
  • Raid Mission: Griffon
  • 5 Attribute Buff
  • Event Mission Renewal