[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

SNW v3.0.13 Update

Sword of the New World has updated to v3.0.13 today, along with X-Trap 2779. The Constellation Symbol Boxes should also be added to cash shop as well. See Echoes of an Empire Details and The Big Maintenance.

For more in-depth details, see sGE v3.0 Patch Notes and sGE Version Updates articles. (The main game content should be almost identical, except for in-game events and cash shop which IMC usually allows the hosting companies to have more customization.)

To get to the new civilization, the Chancellor must be elected to open the way as mentioned here. If the in-game elections are still bugged, then this patch will be totally LOL. The Commerce Negotiation server quests are detailed here. Detailed guides for Nar and Selva are already available at Book of Wind: Characters or That Iguana's Selva Compendium and Nar-gh.

Those who waited for v2.9b will remember the epic failure back then. Now, it looks like the G1 team is getting its act together.

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Server Online Soon™

Update: Some edition-specific changes/notes are as follows. See also 3.0 Update Is LIVE!.

  • Personal Shop is now enabled and accessible from main menu.
  • New items added to Cash Shop. See pictures below. Secret Area is also known as Ancient Shelter, Amrita is also known as Liquid of Heaven or Ambrosia.
  • Veteran stance quest for Calypso (aka Calyce) has been reported by some players to be fixed.
  • Elections will start on Friday, Sept 18, 8pm (PST).
  • Great Stones (100k feso) are NOT in Feso Shop... I don't think they are tradable in v3.0. So you must top-up game credits to get expert stances?! Oh crap...
  • The no-timer bug for temp wings and costumes has been corrected when the items are equipped. Timer starts when the previously-bugged items are equipped, so if you already have them, do NOT take them off!

For reference, Mysterious Powder costs 20 gold.

The 2 new symbol boxes...

/broad WTB: Will you open the box with 7m... Item Name FAIL


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