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Customized Launcher Page

When the game launcher is started, it will automatically load a specific webpage, as such SNW Launcher Page or IAHGames Launcher Page. This page can be changed to some other site, such as Twitter.

To change the laucher webpage, do the following. Always remember to back-up files before you modify them.
  1. Open updater.config.xml file in Granado Espada folder with Notepad.
  2. Find the line <URL Key="Notice" Value="..."> and change the value to...
  3. Save and start the game launcher.
This will load the SNW Twitter RSS Feed via RSS2HTML. You can refresh the page by clicking within the window and press F5. RSS2HTML also allows limited color themes, simply change the first 2 numbers of URL value template-1-3-1 to other numbers. The first number (1) is layout 1-3, while the second number (3) is color scheme 1-6. So to load layout 2 with color scheme 5, use template 2-5-1 instead.


To use sGE Twitter RSS Feed instead, change the value above from 27072530.rss to 47653239.rss. This is however not recommended, since sGE Launcher Page tends to be updated frequently with news, unlike SNW Page.

Edit: If you change the launcher page to another website, make sure that that site is CLEAN and free from malware, virus, etc.