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Name Change - IAH'ed

The only name-related news write-up was World Migration Family and Faction Transfer Guide, which states the following...

If, using the same account, a player has created a family called ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Carracci, and another family also named ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Pachelbel, only one of those families will exist in the new non-PK world of Rembrandt. IAHGames internal systems will keep the family with the single highest level character, and the other family will be deleted.

Besides my main Starstorm family in Carracci, I created a Starstorm family in Pachelbel (in order to check server price differences). Since the characters in Pachelbel are Level 1 (I didn't train the characters at all), Starstorm in Pachelbel would be deleted, leaving Starstorm in Carracci to become Starstorm in Rembrandt. That's pretty clear-cut. So, I left it at that when the servers merged.

But this isn't what happened.

I just realized today when I revisited the SG server …

Katovic Rubbish Bin

With v2.9, a family may take quests from the jewel machine to collect Unknown Ores in various maps. These pesky ores limit how much a family can hold in the inventory. Worse yet, they are non-tradable and cannot be sold to NPC. This means you may end up with these junks hogging space in your inventory, if you (or your pet) accidentally pick one up from the ground, left unpicked by other players.

To get rid of these pesky ores, go to Katovic Snowfield (I6), where the Snowfield Rescue Knights reside. Drag and drop the ores onto one of the anvils. Voilà! Stupid ores, begone!

This method also works for some non-tradable event items.

Update: You can also do the same with Ryrin's Heart in Frozen Wastes (aka Frozen Plain). However, you can only put one item at a time into Ryrin's Heart.

Toubkal Mine

Toubkal Mine is accessed from Mine Passage (Channel 1 ONLY) by using 4 Keys of Capybara on the marker stone. You may not change channel or save warp in this map.

The mobs (Lv.106-112) here are mostly Wild Beasts and Undead, consisting of assorted capybaras, vampire bats, and giant celegrimworms. They have been known to drop Lv.84 elite weapon recipes. The Golden Bats here are slightly tougher than those on the previous 2 levels.

The excavation deck in the middle of the map is where Hell Breaker raid is held. The Capybara Turrets can be destroyed together by destroying the Main Power. Thereafter, the turrets respawn in about 5 minutes.

Every 30 seconds, the 2 Mine Excavator Controllers will report the remaining time before Hell Breaker can be summoned.

When each controller has been activated with 2 Keys of Capybara, the deck entrances will be sealed with non-targetable Rotating Blades.

Then, Hell Breaker will be summoned, and the timer resets to 600 minutes. Hell Breaker is a flying boss, s…

SNW 16: Market Crash

The family simply wasn't that active this week. The veterans explored Toubkal Mine and found Elite Claude Baudez Nique Recipe, Elite Peacemaker Recipe, and Elite Sniper Rifle Recipe. No Old Journal #10 found yet from the Giant Celegrimworms that supposedly also drop it.

They also entered Bellem's Ruins and defeated Dream Blade Antelope (Lv.98), Elmorc (Lv.97), Pollux (Lv.91), and Fallen Champion (Lv.94) for Wooden Controller and Elite Calabrone. Anahita (scout) found her 6th Fire Island Treasure at Zone 1 (K8) - Armageddon Rod, Elite Claude Baudez Nique, and Elite Sniper Rifle.

The market crash in Orpesia resulted in missing items from the market cabinet, costing the family about 55m vis and a Pizarro. A ticket was submitted, hopefully will be resolved soon.

Korean GE Voice Pack (v3.0.15)

The sound effects file (se.ipf) for Korean GE v3.0.15 is available online. To install, download and rename the file to se.ipf and replace it in Granado Espada\ge folder. Backup original first, if desired.

Update: The site owner has requested not to direct link to the hosted files, so the link has been removed. To download, visit Granado Espada 謎檔倉. Scroll down to 語音檔 Sound Effects File (se.ipf) and click on the link next to 韓國版(Korean).

SNW 15: Armageddon Rod

The family was less active this week. Without access to Ancient Area (aka Ancient Territory), the veterans were advancing slowly. They spent some time in Bahamar Wetlands and Scorching Plateau, finding another Snail Shell.

The veterans entered Bellem's Ruins again, defeating Captain Sharffenberger (Lv.91), Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla (Lv.93), and Swamp Angler (Lv.90) and gaining Elite Sniper Rifle and Elite Earthcracker. Anahita (scout) found her 5th Fire Island Treasure at Zone 2 (J4) - Rod of Armageddon and 2 Elite Bracelets of Uranus.

Hacking In sGE

I stumbled upon an old news article about MMO hacking in Asia, dated 11 Sep 2008. It seems sGE has an average of 5 hacked accounts every month. Here's the relevant quote.

Another gamers’ favourite, Granado Espada, sees about five such hacking cases being reported every month, from countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. It has more than 118,000 players here.

Ms Danielle Kuek, Granado Espada’s regional community manager, said incidents reported from Singapore are rare and mostly occur in countries where gamers are careless with their account details.

“Most of the so-called hacking cases we encounter were due to users playing at certain cybercafés that have keyloggers or trojans,” she said. These are hidden computer programs that enable hackers to record or farm information from computer users.

Ms Kuek said gamers here are educated on how to safeguard their accounts by changing their passwords regularly and playing only at endorsed cybercafes.
Read the full article - Hackers spoil …

Giant Keeper of Orpesia

Citadel clan had slain the Giant Keeper of Orpesia and opened the way to Caebolan on Nov 9 2008. Congrats! See the forum topic for more screen-shots.

Screen-shot by Kushkillers

SNW 14: Romina

Romina, the rescue knight captain, joined the family. She began training with Jack at Rion Dungeon Hollow, then with Catherine at Fire Island, finding a Wooden Controller at Zone 1. She joined Eskarina (wizard) and Jack in Battle Colosseum twice, and recovered a Yellow Rough Stone and 2 Sun Stones. Thereafter, Romina finally reached veteran status.

Meanwhile, Anahita (scout) found her 4th Fire Island Treasure at Zone 2 (J4) - Vampiric Edge, Elite Finisher, and Elite Bracelet of Pluto.

Change GE Font

I found a topic at cGE forum here that outlines how to change the font used by the game. I tried it out using Baldur font with the sample screen-shot below. Click for full-size view.

Rename the desired true type font (.ttf) file as font.ttf. (The game uses only .ttf file for font. For other font format, you need to convert it to .ttf format first, using programs such as FontForge.)

Compress font.ttf into with WinRAR. (Other compressors should work fine as well.)

Open with a hex editor, such as Freeware Hex Editor XVI 32.
Click Search - Replace (Ctrl-R) to open the Replace Window.

Replace hex string 66 6F 6E 74 2E 74 74 66 with hex string C6 88 5D B9 F5 EC 94 B6. (This replaces font.ttf with the encrypted name used by the original font.)

Click Replace All button and the editor should confirm 2 replacements were made.
Save and exit the hex editor.
Rename as font.ipf, and copy it into Granado Espada\ge folder. Back up original font.ipf first, if desi…

Prison de Joaquin's Secret Spots

It appears that some players still have problems finding the trigger spots for Bernelli's Prison de Joaquin's Secret quest (v2.1.18), despite the fact that the guide included maps. So, here are 3 screen-shots of the trigger spots. Click on them for full-size view. You fail, if you still can't find the spots after seeing these screen-shots. :/

Go here to trigger Spirit of Joaquin instance...

Click on the cross to fight Garcia in the cemetery...

Go here to trigger the fight with Dr. Fran...

SNW 13: Sparta!

Grinding continued at Scorching Plateau, finding more HQ rubies. Eskarina (wizard) visited Ferruccio Wall for a while to look for Elite Pandera Jacket (EPJ; aka Elite Pajamas) recipe, but couldn't stand the low spawn rate.

A trip to Los Toldos was made, farming for pure otites. Now, they need more vis and Lv.9 pioneer seals to craft some necklaces. The veterans also visited Sparta (i.e. Fire Island Zone 3), and found these "Spartans" (Lv.105-108) to be a bunch of pussies who kept running away when injured. Spawn rate sucks, and the drops recovered were Lv.80-88 equipment, Lv.88 enchantment chip, and Pizarro recipe. No veteran boots or gloves found so far. However, they found their first Snail Shell in Bahamar Wetlands.

Anahita (scout) found her 3rd Fire Island Treasure at zone 1 (K9). Unfortunately, it was mostly crap... Grim-Shout, Elite Peacemaker, and Elite Calabrone.

The veterans entered Bellem's Ruins again. This time, they defeated Lv.91 Elmorc, Lv.93 Dream Blade …

Caption of the New World

K2 is having a screenshot + caption competition in the forums. I modified my screenshot for the pet guide as my entry. The best 5 entries will win 500k feso + 1 mystery box. Competition closes on Nov 7, 5pm PST. See Caption of the New World Entry Thread.