Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Toubkal Mine

Toubkal Mine is accessed from Mine Passage (Channel 1 ONLY) by using 4 Keys of Capybara on the marker stone. You may not change channel or save warp in this map.

The mobs (Lv.106-112) here are mostly Wild Beasts and Undead, consisting of assorted capybaras, vampire bats, and giant celegrimworms. They have been known to drop Lv.84 elite weapon recipes. The Golden Bats here are slightly tougher than those on the previous 2 levels.

The excavation deck in the middle of the map is where Hell Breaker raid is held. The Capybara Turrets can be destroyed together by destroying the Main Power. Thereafter, the turrets respawn in about 5 minutes.

Every 30 seconds, the 2 Mine Excavator Controllers will report the remaining time before Hell Breaker can be summoned.

When each controller has been activated with 2 Keys of Capybara, the deck entrances will be sealed with non-targetable Rotating Blades.

Then, Hell Breaker will be summoned, and the timer resets to 600 minutes. Hell Breaker is a flying boss, so melee characters will have difficulty in attacking it. Some skills like Harpoon and Bird Fall are probably good choices against it. It drops Pure Gold Bars, Lv.84 Elite Steel Weapon Recipes, and Old Journal #10.

After Hell Breaker is killed, all families in Toubkal Mine will be moved to Abertal in 90 seconds.

See Capybara Guide for the Lost and Wiki of the New World: Hell Breaker.