[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Name Change - IAH'ed

The only name-related news write-up was World Migration Family and Faction Transfer Guide, which states the following...

If, using the same account, a player has created a family called ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Carracci, and another family also named ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Pachelbel, only one of those families will exist in the new non-PK world of Rembrandt. IAHGames internal systems will keep the family with the single highest level character, and the other family will be deleted.

Besides my main Starstorm family in Carracci, I created a Starstorm family in Pachelbel (in order to check server price differences). Since the characters in Pachelbel are Level 1 (I didn't train the characters at all), Starstorm in Pachelbel would be deleted, leaving Starstorm in Carracci to become Starstorm in Rembrandt. That's pretty clear-cut. So, I left it at that when the servers merged.

But this isn't what happened.

I just realized today when I revisited the SG server that the family name is Starstorm_2. Why is this? Okay, never mind. The same GE news article says...

Each account will be credited one free Family Name Change that can be used at the GE Royal Service on the Official Website.

The name Starstorm was not taken in Rembrandt (or else the name change service would have responded with an error). So why was the family name changed when nobody else is using it?

Worse still, apparently the free name change was only available for a week or so after server merge. But this 1-week time limit was NOT announced in any of the news articles in IAHGames website, specifically the archive of GE News (where the migration guide and announcements were found).

In order to change the name, 11k G-Points is now required. So basically players who took a break from GE are screwed over. Lame. I guess I got IAH'ed too. Heheh.