[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

SNW 16: Market Crash

The family simply wasn't that active this week. The veterans explored Toubkal Mine and found Elite Claude Baudez Nique Recipe, Elite Peacemaker Recipe, and Elite Sniper Rifle Recipe. No Old Journal #10 found yet from the Giant Celegrimworms that supposedly also drop it.

They also entered Bellem's Ruins and defeated Dream Blade Antelope (Lv.98), Elmorc (Lv.97), Pollux (Lv.91), and Fallen Champion (Lv.94) for Wooden Controller and Elite Calabrone. Anahita (scout) found her 6th Fire Island Treasure at Zone 1 (K8) - Armageddon Rod, Elite Claude Baudez Nique, and Elite Sniper Rifle.

The market crash in Orpesia resulted in missing items from the market cabinet, costing the family about 55m vis and a Pizarro. A ticket was submitted, hopefully will be resolved soon.