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Change GE Font

I found a topic at cGE forum here that outlines how to change the font used by the game. I tried it out using Baldur font with the sample screen-shot below. Click for full-size view.

  1. Rename the desired true type font (.ttf) file as font.ttf. (The game uses only .ttf file for font. For other font format, you need to convert it to .ttf format first, using programs such as FontForge.)

  2. Compress font.ttf into font.zip with WinRAR. (Other compressors should work fine as well.)

  3. Open font.zip with a hex editor, such as Freeware Hex Editor XVI 32.

  4. Click Search - Replace (Ctrl-R) to open the Replace Window.

  5. Replace hex string 66 6F 6E 74 2E 74 74 66 with hex string C6 88 5D B9 F5 EC 94 B6. (This replaces font.ttf with the encrypted name used by the original font.)

  6. Click Replace All button and the editor should confirm 2 replacements were made.

  7. Save and exit the hex editor.

  8. Rename font.zip as font.ipf, and copy it into Granado Espada\ge folder. Back up original font.ipf first, if desired.


~N~ said…
Nice ;)
Just a question..
how do you turn those fonts with an "O" for an icon instead of two "t"s into an ipf?
I can turn those with two "t"s but I cant with "O" ones
...an "O" and 2 "t"s. I'm afraid I dunno what you are referring to. *scratches head*
~N~ said…
lol. I'm not good at this.

O's and T's...
File Icon :P
Oh. Those are different file formats. I think GE uses only True Type Font (.ttf) file.

If you need to convert .otf to .ttf, try FontForge.
~N~ said…
One more question... :p

Do you know what the font in jGE is called? I really want that one, but can't find a link for that... so I'm just gonna turn the font itself into an ipf :]
Ashardalon said…
No idea. You can download/install jGE client and just copy out its font.ipf though... or ask someone who has the client to send you the file.
Yang-Mem said…
I'm a Korean GE user.:D In korea, people don't tell others how to chage it because of copyright of the font. Anyway, Thank YOU!! XD
TD3 said…
This method doesn't work anymore.
Ashardalon said…
Actually, it still works fine. I just tested it again for Sword2 (v8.5). However, it won't work for the private server as stated here.