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Hacking In sGE

I stumbled upon an old news article about MMO hacking in Asia, dated 11 Sep 2008. It seems sGE has an average of 5 hacked accounts every month. Here's the relevant quote.

Another gamers’ favourite, Granado Espada, sees about five such hacking cases being reported every month, from countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. It has more than 118,000 players here.

Ms Danielle Kuek, Granado Espada’s regional community manager, said incidents reported from Singapore are rare and mostly occur in countries where gamers are careless with their account details.

“Most of the so-called hacking cases we encounter were due to users playing at certain cybercafés that have keyloggers or trojans,” she said. These are hidden computer programs that enable hackers to record or farm information from computer users.

Ms Kuek said gamers here are educated on how to safeguard their accounts by changing their passwords regularly and playing only at endorsed cybercafes.

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