Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 13: Sparta!

Grinding continued at Scorching Plateau, finding more HQ rubies. Eskarina (wizard) visited Ferruccio Wall for a while to look for Elite Pandera Jacket (EPJ; aka Elite Pajamas) recipe, but couldn't stand the low spawn rate.

A trip to Los Toldos was made, farming for pure otites. Now, they need more vis and Lv.9 pioneer seals to craft some necklaces. The veterans also visited Sparta (i.e. Fire Island Zone 3), and found these "Spartans" (Lv.105-108) to be a bunch of pussies who kept running away when injured. Spawn rate sucks, and the drops recovered were Lv.80-88 equipment, Lv.88 enchantment chip, and Pizarro recipe. No veteran boots or gloves found so far. However, they found their first Snail Shell in Bahamar Wetlands.

Anahita (scout) found her 3rd Fire Island Treasure at zone 1 (K9). Unfortunately, it was mostly crap... Grim-Shout, Elite Peacemaker, and Elite Calabrone.

The veterans entered Bellem's Ruins again. This time, they defeated Lv.91 Elmorc, Lv.93 Dream Blade Antelope, Lv.94 Wahlansche, and Lv.96 Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla. Their rewards were Elite Elementalist and Pizarro. Another entry resulted in facing Lv.96 Swamp Angler, Lv.91 Sunflower Dandelion Gorilla, and Lv.97 Cerbera, rewarding them with Elite Sabre and Dragon Hunter Bayonet.

The family broke 3 veteran pioneer rifles and 2 veteran pioneer pistols, but finally managed to upgrade 1 rifle and 1 pistol to +6 without using lacquers or upgrade accelerators.