Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Katovic Rubbish Bin

With v2.9, a family may take quests from the jewel machine to collect Unknown Ores in various maps. These pesky ores limit how much a family can hold in the inventory. Worse yet, they are non-tradable and cannot be sold to NPC. This means you may end up with these junks hogging space in your inventory, if you (or your pet) accidentally pick one up from the ground, left unpicked by other players.

To get rid of these pesky ores, go to Katovic Snowfield (I6), where the Snowfield Rescue Knights reside. Drag and drop the ores onto one of the anvils. Voilà! Stupid ores, begone!

This method also works for some non-tradable event items.

Update: You can also do the same with Ryrin's Heart in Frozen Wastes (aka Frozen Plain). However, you can only put one item at a time into Ryrin's Heart.