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Gigante Secret Room

This new mission was added in v9.8.1. See 새로워진 기간떼 섬! 신규 콘텐츠와 이벤트가 가득 for more details.

Gigante Secret Room Mission
Location: Gigante Port (I8)
Duration: 10 minutes
Participants: 1-12
Entry Cost: 1,000,000 vis (first) + cumulative 500,000 vis per entry thereafter
Reward Type: Roulette

This mission is straight-forward. Kill the crabs for Gigante Lucky Coupons, if desired. Otherwise, just kill Gullfaxi. Gullfaxi can inflict [Poison] and [Confusion] status with its skills.

Gullfaxi • Lv.112 Undead • Heavy • None • Large
Max HP 3,724,416 • AR 58 • ATK 6365 • DR 58 • DEF 132
RES • Fire 40, Ice 40, Lightning 40, Mental 40
Drops • Soul Crystal (Event), Costume Box, Gigante Lucky Coupon

Elite Palm Crab • Lv.105 Wildlife • Heavy • None • Small
Max HP 16,945 • AR 52 • ATK 261 • DR 52 • DEF 100
RES • Fire 20, Ice 20, Lightning 20, Mental 50
Drops • Gigante Lucky Coupon

Roulette (Bonus = 500,000 Vis)
Seed (???) x1Sewing Kit x1Costume Box x1Shiny Crystal Chest x1Gigante Lucky Coupon x1-3 There is anoth…

[SG] v10.6 Update


Imperial Wheel V: June 2012 & Magic Circle 30

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for June 2012. See the official notices インペリアルホイールV開催! and GMガイズの新要素ご紹介コーナー.

The weapons are now given as a ticket, which can be traded for the weapon with random +5 to +8 upgrade and 1-3 sockets. See 武器交換チケットのご利用方法について for details. So now, gamblers can pay to win not just awesome weapons, but they can avoid having to deal with the cost of upgrading and opening sockets too...

Evil's Despair
Weapon Costume • Main-Gauche

Ing'light Rapier
Rapier • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 225
ATK Speed +10% • Block +10

Jalight Shotgun
Shotgun • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 286
ATK Speed +10%  • Accuracy +10  • Fear 5%

Manaslight Knuckle
Knuckle • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 215
ATK Speed +10%  • Absorb 5% HP • DEF Penetration +5 • Evasion +5

Black Dragon Sword
Weapon Costume • Great Sword

Cruz Special Set
Cruz Character Card x1 • Enhanced [Furious] Ring x1 • [Fast Move] Ring x1 • Nero Croma (Fig) x1 • Geofu'light Blade x2 • Expert Enchant Chip x300

White Blossom Costume Set
Body …

Item Check List v9.5 + v10.6

The following item check list compiles the required items for v9.5 and v10.6, since G1 has indicated that they will be skipping v9.5. (See Patch Delay for details.) For only v10.6, the list starts from Ion onwards, plus the relevant symbols and feso stones.

Item For Symbol of Scorpio x5 ETS, Catherine, Veronif, Vincent, Elisa Symbol of Taurus x5 Cath STR/DEX/INT, Veronif, Cruz Symbol of Pisces x1 Musketeer Symbol of Leo x1 Wizard Symbol of Cancer x4 Brunie, Garcia, Adriana, Ion Symbol of Sagittarius x4 Ludin, Daria, Natalie, Najib Sharif Symbol of Aquarius x2 Natalie, Daria Great Stone x69 Various Expert Stances Fire Orb x1 Ludin Key of Capybara x6 Ludin Shiny Crystal x1

[SG] v10.6 Client Download

IAHGames should be updating Granado Espada to v10.6 this week, probably on June 21 during the weekly maintenance. [Source] The pre-release download links for patch and full client are available here.

After patch, only Grandies, Ion, Vincent, and Cadet Adriana will be available. The other 5 characters - Cruz, Adriana, Elisa, Cadet Elisa, and Veatrice - will be locked away until further notice. [Source] See the mini-site - Rise & Fall, Montoro Finale and v10.6 Unofficial List of Updates. See also Taiwan GE v10.6.0 Update.

Character Database v10.5.1 can still be used for this update, as there is no further change to characters, stances, and skills in v10.5.2, v10.6.0, and v10.6.1.

Ion wants...
Blue Sap x10Black Sap x10Rare Book of Combat x50Rare Book of Magic x50Rare Book of Shooting x50Symbol of Cancer x1Growth Stone x3Adriana/Cadet Adriana wants...
Symbol of Cancer x1Growth Stone x3Grandies wants...
+7 Schvarlier Armor (not "consumed" by quest)Vincent wants...
Otite Perfume x1M…

Mufasar Mission v9.17.7

Mufasar mission will be revised in v9.17.7. See Play Forum article - 오쿨타, 수장의 방 미션 - 새로운 득템의 장!. The main changes from the last revision (v5.x) are the frequency (1/week instead of timer-based) and roulette reward (instead of scripted drops). Since the better rewards are now roulette-based, it may be more efficient to do in a group instead of a solo mission.

Mufasar Mission (v9.17.7)
Duration: 120 minutes
Frequency: 1/week
Participants: 1-30 families (MCC3)
Entry Cost: 1 Ancient Rune - Bin
Location: Occulta Fortress (F2/G2)

To get to the mission lobby, you must pass through 2 gates inside Occulta Fortress. The first gate (D6) requires Ancient Rune - Ti, Te, Ar, and An (1 each) to open. The second gate (F3/G3) requires 1 Key - Occulta General's Room instead. Both gates stay open for about 10 minutes. Go in a group, so that you can share the cost of opening the gates.

Inside the lobby room, you may use Ancient Rune - Ti, Te, Ar, and An (1 each) on the device at the West side. This wi…

Aria - Granado Espada Private Server

Aria Granado Espada (private server) has officially launched. The base rates are set to x10 for EXP, Stance EXP, and Drops. Their current game client is built from IAHGames (Singapore) client. Some basic information...

Game Version: 8.5
Language: English
No. of Servers: 1 - AriaGaming (Baron-Enabled)
Server Time Zone: GMT+1
X-Trap Version: None
Initial Barrack Slots: 4
No. of Channels: 1
Combat/Stance EXP: x10
Drop Rate: x10

The server was in beta for the past weeks. I didn't want to review it then, since beta is supposed to be somewhat buggy and problematic. Now, it has officially launched, let's take a look at it while awesome G1 is having power outage and maintenance. Here are some issues I noticed.

Different Password: The client uses different password for encrypting the game files. [Source] This means that you cannot easily replace files, such as sound effects (voice pack) file, from other servers. So you cannot just change the character voices to Japanese or Korean by rep…