[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

[SG] 5th Anniversary Events

IAHGames is having 5th Anniversary Events for Singapore servers of Granado Espada.

Granado Espada 5th Anniversary Bash
During July 13-15, there will be a 3D2N party at Redang Island, Malaysia for SGD800 or RM1900. The free game package include Cadet Elisa Character Card, Cadet Adriana Character Card, and Pet Box (Black Dragon).

Daily Login Event
Login daily during June 07-20, 2012 for free premium items automatically injected into the account. List of items will be updated as event progresses... It will be interesting to see what G1 will give for Sword 2 anniversary (June 30) instead.
  1. Soul Crystal (Event) x1, Hrin's Liquor (Event) x3
  2. Soul Crystal (Event) x2, Rainbow Lollipop (Event) x3
  3. Soul Crystal (Event) x3, Rose Wings (7 days) x3
  4. Soul Crystal (Event) x1, Triumph Filler (Event) x3
  5. Soul Crystal (Event) x2, Ring Box (Event) x2
  6. Soul Crystal (Event) x3, Socket Processing Tranquillizer (Event) x1
  7. Soul Crystal (Event) x1, Pandora's Crystal x5
  8. Soul Crystal (Event) x2, Principal Ampule (Event) x3
  9. Soul Crystal (Event) x3, Triumph Filler (Event) x3
  10. Soul Crystal (Event) x1, Ring Box (Event) x1
  11. Soul Crystal (Event) x2, Enhanced Hrin's Liquor (Event) x3
  12. Soul Crystal (Event) x3,  Rose Wings (15 days) x3,  Andre's Costume Box (Event) x3, Socket Processing Tranquillizer (Event) x1
  13. Soul Crystal (Event) x3, Socket Processing Tranquillizer (Event) x1
  14. Soul Crystal (Event) x3, Hrin's Liquor (Event) x3

Cherry Blossom Event
Until June 14, use the [Rest] pose under the cherry blossom tree in Queen's Gate, Nimrod Bridge, or Thueringen Lakeside to get EXP +50% for 24 hours.

Rise of the Masters!
From May 17-June 07, all families with at least family level 8 will get free 3 Master EXP Cards, allowing a character to instantly reach Master Lv.1 (awakening/stimulation not included). In addition, there will also be a server-wide Stance EXP +50% for the event duration.

Top-Up Giveaway
From May 24 onwards, top up SGD60 or RM150 denominations of G-Points (cash shop credits) to receive a free Ludin Party Dress (Birthday) Costume. While stock last.


Le said…
Uhm the daily log-in Rewards are for how many times you log in not the day you log in.

hope it helps :P
Newbie said…
Hey do u know what are the uses of pandora's crystal? =X
Ashardalon said…
It drops a random item, summons a pet monster in town, or teleports you somewhere. See Pandora's Crystal? for more details.
Newbie said…
Oh awesome thanks~