Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Master Ralph & Jose

Instead of a weekly log of activities, we decided to do a monthly or fortnightly journal instead. The reason is, of course, the waning interest in the New World itself, as mentioned in the previous log.

The Call of the Masters Level-Up Event (until June 6) provided 3 EXP Cards to instant-master a character for everyone with family level 8 and above. (Unlike the same event for Singapore servers here, there was no Stance EXP bonus for G1 servers.) We decided to apprentice and train 2 subsidiary families for them to get the cards as well, so we spent 2 days inside the premium dungeon of Caebolan. As a result, Vairocana (Ralph) and Barret (Jose) were promoted to Master Lv.1, advancing the family to Lv.52+2. Shotaro (Viki) was also promoted to Veteran Lv.1. Both [Innocentio] and [Shining Sting] stances were finally mastered.

Since we reached a new family level, the back-log of Level Up Gift Boxes were added to our inventory. They consisted of...
  • Lv.12 Gift Box = Combat/Tactics Manual +20% (7 days) x1, Ancient Star Orb x50, Mass Health Filler x2, Veterean Polish x7, Lv.100 Enchant Chip x1
  • Lv.15 Gift Box = Socket Flux (Event) x1/Triumph Filler (Event) x18, Ancient Star Orb x100, Mass Health Filler x2, Damaged Ancient Polish x4, Lv.100 Enchant Chip x1
We got our first Lv.100 Elite Weapon as roulette reward, namely Elite Grim Wraith from Elite Gold Box in Lift the Raven Curse mission. We also looted a few Magic Accessory Recipes from Tower of Chaos and Mufasar missions. Our subsidiary family got Crafted Physical RES Necklace in Occulta Bounty Hunt.

Enchanting stuffs continued to be horrible. Our Dragon's Eye Bracelet consumed 1400+ chips before getting a decent ATK/Racial enchantment. But finally, the Gold codes arrived from a friend!  Then, we finally got Black Crystal of Chaos from Dark Gemini...

We also joined the exodus from Albatros clan back to the older Schiavona clan. We have been missing Legion Wars for the past few weeks. Hopefully, we can get on again for it.

The new cash shop boxes introduced Jewel Ice Bracelet, Angel Javelin, Jewel Rapier, Angel Bayonet, etc. See Raiden's Dominion & Quinzel's Legacy VII and Raiden's Dominion & Quinzel's Legacy VIII for details.