[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Imperial Wheel V: June 2012 & Magic Circle 30

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for June 2012. See the official notices インペリアルホイールV開催! and GMガイズの新要素ご紹介コーナー.

The weapons are now given as a ticket, which can be traded for the weapon with random +5 to +8 upgrade and 1-3 sockets. See 武器交換チケットのご利用方法について for details. So now, gamblers can pay to win not just awesome weapons, but they can avoid having to deal with the cost of upgrading and opening sockets too...

Evil's Despair
Weapon Costume • Main-Gauche

Ing'light Rapier
Rapier • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 225
ATK Speed +10% • Block +10

Jalight Shotgun
Shotgun • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 286
ATK Speed +10%  • Accuracy +10  • Fear 5%

Manaslight Knuckle
Knuckle • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 215
ATK Speed +10%  • Absorb 5% HP • DEF Penetration +5 • Evasion +5

Black Dragon Sword
Weapon Costume • Great Sword

Cruz Special Set
Cruz Character Card x1 • Enhanced [Furious] Ring x1 • [Fast Move] Ring x1 • Nero Croma (Fig) x1 • Geofu'light Blade x2 • Expert Enchant Chip x300

White Blossom Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Valeria
See here for the concept art.

Dark Blue Sleeveless Costume Set
Dark Blue Sleeveless Body Costume • Beroniff
White Bobbed Hair • Beroniff
See here for more screenshots.

Capitaine Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Vincent
See here for more screenshots.

Puppet Master Set
[Puppet Master] Stance Book x1 • Enhanced [Puppet Master] Ring x1 • Star Controller x1 • 100 Veteran Enchant Chips • etc.

Magic Circle 30 (Korea) has also been updated until July 04, 2012. Other loot include Ralph Character Card, Adriana Character Card, and Elisa Character Card. The main features are the 2 costumes also featured above in Imperial Wheel V.


jay2x said…
Still no update for scout's new expert stance?? huhuhu what could it be?? maybe offensive or another support stance?? yeah!