Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Mufasar Mission v9.17.7

Mufasar mission will be revised in v9.17.7. See Play Forum article - 오쿨타, 수장의 방 미션 - 새로운 득템의 장!. The main changes from the last revision (v5.x) are the frequency (1/week instead of timer-based) and roulette reward (instead of scripted drops). Since the better rewards are now roulette-based, it may be more efficient to do in a group instead of a solo mission.

Mufasar Mission (v9.17.7)
Duration: 120 minutes
Frequency: 1/week
Participants: 1-30 families (MCC3)
Entry Cost: 1 Ancient Rune - Bin
Location: Occulta Fortress (F2/G2)

To get to the mission lobby, you must pass through 2 gates inside Occulta Fortress. The first gate (D6) requires Ancient Rune - Ti, Te, Ar, and An (1 each) to open. The second gate (F3/G3) requires 1 Key - Occulta General's Room instead. Both gates stay open for about 10 minutes. Go in a group, so that you can share the cost of opening the gates.

Inside the lobby room, you may use Ancient Rune - Ti, Te, Ar, and An (1 each) on the device at the West side. This will summon 1-3 Kobold Generals at the North, South, and East sides of the room. Kobold General drops Ancient Rune - Bin and sometimes Elite Le Blanc Recipe. The device at the North side will open the mission lobby for 1 Ancient Rune - Bin per family.

When mission starts, quickly move up to the platform at F5/G5. Ignore the rows of Dullahan monsters along the way. Wait for NPC Ania to walk up to the platform. Once she reaches there, she will start talking, then Mufasar will appear. This usually takes about 3 minutes (i.e. time left = 117 minutes), so buff up before then.

Mufasar • Lv.128 Human • Heavy Armor • None • Medium
Max HP 30,205,440 • AR 70 • ATK 3241 • DR 66 • DEF 266
Penetration 100 • Immunity 0 • Specific Penetration 0
RES • Fire 70, Ice 70, Lightning 50, Mental 80
Drops • Le Noir, Lv.100 Weapon/Armor, Lv.92 Elite Armor Recipe, Le Noir Recipe

Mufasar has several area skills, which can inflict [Burn], [Freeze] and [Confusion] status. Mufasar can also levitate, so make sure you have range/magic characters to take him down. Do NOT go down from the platform, as when Mufasar appears, the Dullahan monsters below will become hostile.

After some time, he will also summon Dominator. If more players participate, Mufasar may die before he can summon. Dominator has 3 knock-down skills - two are area effects, while the other is a bull rush charge. There is no need to kill Dominator. If necessary, use a fighter on [Crusader] stance to provoke and tank it on the stairs, while other characters can concentrate on Mufasar.

Dominator • Lv.128 Daemon • Heavy Armor • None • Large
Max HP 13,214,880 • AR 69 • ATK 8076 • DR 66 • DEF 244
Penetration 100 • Immunity 0 • Specific Penetration 0
RES • Fire 50, Ice 70, Lightning 70, Mental 75

Mufasar Roulette (Bonus = 5,000,000 Vis)
  • Recipe - Elite Le Noir
  • Recipe - Magic Boots/Gloves/Belts
  • Recipe - Artisan's Boots/Gloves/Belts
  • Kobold/Werebear/Dullahan Weapons
  • Lv.100 Weapons/Armors
  • Elite Le Noir
  • Elite Le Blanc
  • Le Noir
  • Lv.92 Elite Armors
  • Gold/Silver Earrings
  • Cut RES Necklaces
  • 2 Pure Gold Bars (!!)
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Honor Card C


Le said…
Bad news:
the Bin general has a cooldown. not sure how long
Ashardalon said…
Hm. The previous version's cooldown is about 20 or 30 minutes, I think.