Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[SG] v10.6 Client Download

IAHGames should be updating Granado Espada to v10.6 this week, probably on June 21 during the weekly maintenance. [Source] The pre-release download links for patch and full client are available here.

After patch, only Grandies, Ion, Vincent, and Cadet Adriana will be available. The other 5 characters - Cruz, Adriana, Elisa, Cadet Elisa, and Veatrice - will be locked away until further notice. [Source] See the mini-site - Rise & Fall, Montoro Finale and v10.6 Unofficial List of Updates. See also Taiwan GE v10.6.0 Update.

Character Database v10.5.1 can still be used for this update, as there is no further change to characters, stances, and skills in v10.5.2, v10.6.0, and v10.6.1.

Ion wants...
  • Blue Sap x10
  • Black Sap x10
  • Rare Book of Combat x50
  • Rare Book of Magic x50
  • Rare Book of Shooting x50
  • Symbol of Cancer x1
  • Growth Stone x3
Adriana/Cadet Adriana wants...
  • Symbol of Cancer x1
  • Growth Stone x3
Grandies wants...
  • +7 Schvarlier Armor (not "consumed" by quest)
Vincent wants...
  • Otite Perfume x1
  • Mana Stone x10
  • Bone Piece x5
  • Bone Stick x100
  • Archangel's Heart x1
  • Seed of Rafflesia x1
  • Siren's Scale x1
  • Montoro's Viscount Ring x1
  • Devil's Whisper x20
  • Beroniff's Diary x1
  • Symbol of Scorpio x1
  • Growth Stone x3
Cruz wants...
  • Secret Tower Magic Scroll x1
  • Lv.100 Enchant Chip x100
  • Symbol of Taurus x1
  • Growth Stone x3
Elisa wants...
  • Dragonfly Silk x40
  • Mega Quartz x50 
  • Clear Rum x50
  • Growth Stone x3
Veatrice wants...
  • Veteran Enchant Chip x20


Christus X said…
Veatrice quest looks simple 20 x Vet Chips compared to others, but she wants us to do those time paradox raids to pass her test. zzzz.

Btw Ash, i dont think Vincent need Dragon Heart unless you want extra tome.
Ashardalon said…
Oh yes, the first tome doesn't need Dragon Heart.

- Removed Dragon Heart from Vincent
- Added Scorpio + 3 GS for Vincent's Enhanced Tactics