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Photobucket Fails

Photobucket  has suddenly disabled all direct image links, unless you pay an annual ransom of $399. This basically breaks many images on this blog, as they are hosted there. The reason I used Photobucket was because they allowed direct image links with static URL and fixed file names. Other image hosts, such as Imgur , either do not have static URL or randomly rename your files after upload.

Now, Photobucket has removed the only reason to use their ad-laden service. πŸ˜’ I have removed the previous blog template and used a built-in Blogger template for now. But many of the old posts probably have images that are broken. There are simply too many posts to fix. Meh.

Also replaced the default Blogger comment system to Disqus . Hopefully, I did it correctly. Let me know if there's any issue.

If you want to use RSS for this blog, the link is .

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