Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

sGE v3.4 The Masquerade

Singapore Granado Espada has updated to v3.4.14! See v3.4 The Masquerade, v3.4 Patch Notes, and sGE Version Updates. The full client and manual patch are available for download here. See also the previous blog entry on sGE v3.4.14 News.

Chateau de Bourgogne
A MCC1 instance raid, involving the Arsene Circus, is added to Reboldueux Culverts. Drops include veteran enchantment chips, DR28 armor recipes, AR32 weapon recipes, veteran gloves/boots, and Arsene Circus Tickets (both items and recipes). Each family can enter only once per day, and since it is MCC1, you can only bring 1 character along. See the forum discussion topic for tips, tricks, and whatever else.

New RNPC: Ania & Hellena
Ania and Hellena will be available for recruitment. Note that the reward for rejecting Hellena has been changed from Dragon Heart Recipe to Combat Manual (15-days), as stated here. See Book of Wind for their quest details.

Fortune Cat
A new healing-buff pet is available in some exclusive event. I hope they put the pet box back into the bloody feso shop, where it was supposed to be.

The Hunters' Association
Pioneers can now pay NPC to get combat instances to complete Bahama quests for Swamp Frogfish (100k feso) and Elite Amber Bee (50k feso). This is important since most of the new content after v3.0 requires the completion of Bahama quests as a prerequisite. Too bad you don't get drops from this instanced Swamp Frogfish.

Winter & Dignite Costumes
More costumes will become available. Winter costumes will be added. See jGE's "Summer" Collection for screenshots. Dignite costumes will require a quest involving a veteran Ania. Personally, I think the only one which makes you nose-bleed is the female fighter's costume. All the rest are meh. For quest and screenshots, see Dignite Costume Crafting.

New Expert Stances & Lv.92 Elite Weapons
Expert stances will be added for Ania (Gorgeous) and Nar (Semilunar), along with their Lv.92 elite weapon recipes in Los Toldos.

New Weapons: Trump Series
Trump (AR30; 28 for LOE) weapons will be added. They have fixed enchantment of ATK, ATK Speed, and ATK Rating +1. (The shield has DEF, Block, and DEF Rating +1 instead.) They are Veteran Exclusive (used to be Expert). They can be acquired from a NPC in Queen's Gate using Arsene Circus Tickets. The tickets and ticket recipes drop in Arsene Cirus raid (see above), and ticket recipes can be crafted by Lv.100 Karjalainen with Mega Talt x200, Mystery Powder x25, and Ambrosia x5. For screenshots of weapons, see 散歩道 or IAHGames forum.

Stat Customization
Character stat points have been changed by a factor of 10, and cash shop price of memoirs has been reduced by 10 times, since each memoir only reset 1 stat point.

Cash Shop Upgrades
New items are added to the cash shop, including Dignite costumes (permanent), assorted wings (1-day), Zodiac Chest, Home Premium Services, and Master Promotion Scroll (available from 2 July 2009). There is also a 30% discount for Expert Promotion Scrolls from now until 2 July 2009.

Website & In-Game Events
There is a website event called Hellena's Tarot Cards, requiring SMS for players in Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. There is also an in-game event Tikam Tikam, which involves lucky draw on 02 July 2009. Prizes include Master Promotion Scrolls x3, Fortune Cat Pet Box, Golden Phoenix Wings, etc.