[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Lands of Elements

The introduction of the 5 elements now expands the map, exploring regions of the full map (see below) revealed long ago. See GE Extended Map.

Full Map


The Land of Water covers the entire region of Al Quelt Moreza, Port of Coimbra, and Porto Bello. It will be explored in v3.6, where Dilos Latemn returns with a new vampire-like foe! Rio and Lorch will gate-crash the party in Al Quelt Moreza!


The Land of Wind covers the region of Katovic Snowfield, City of Auch, Dr. Torsche's Mansion, and the unknown north-eastern lands beyond. It will also be featured in v3.6, where Dr. Torsche and Ulrik (Viki's uncle) has some new development, possibly involving Catherine. This new Catherine does not seem to have the robotic joints of the current Catherine (compare full-body view in teaser with current Catherine STR/INT/DEX), so perhaps the two old men devised a way to revive the real Catherine who died of illness according to Kamen the Butler. It took them long enough to learn about resuscitation potion and soul crystal...


The Land of Fire covers Ustiur, Bahama, Tierra Putrefacta (aka Caebolan), and Errac (aka Zeia). No further information available from the teaser.


The Land of Earth lies beyond the current map, west of the Katovic Snowfield. No further information available from the teaser.


The Land of Heart lies in the unknown lands, west of the Lands of Earth and Fire. There is a rift or a lake called Virginia. No further information available from the teaser.

If you compare with the full map above, you will notice that there is another region as yet uncovered, just south of the Land of Heart.


mooferz said…
Lol, I was reminded of Naruto for some reason.

That new Catherine looks awesome. Though what does Vincent and Lorch have to do with Al Quelt. o.o Seems kinda random to me.