Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Hellena's Circus of Fate: Launch

Hellena's Circus of Fate has officially been launched in sGE. Now, Joker card gives 3 Tickets instead of nothing. Each round of gambling costs 1,000 G-Points instead of 1,500 G-Points, i.e. SGD 0.71 (USD 0.51) instead of SGD 1.07 (USD 0.77).

Loot table has also been updated to include Lv.96 Elite Inviardeco/Camaryllis (1 Gold Token), Camaryllis Hat, Calienalbino Crown, Inviardeco Goggles, Arcanero Plate Costume, Torosmata Ren Costume, Slendor Peaco Costume, Katana, Nodachi, Frozen Marlin Javelin, and more. See HCOF Premium Items for screenshots. Some items (e.g. Grindstone) from beta test were removed.

See also Hellena's Circus of Fate: Beta Test entry.

Guys.... the items are on a rotation basis like what Kaiou has mentioned previously. So, there's a chance that the items will reappear later on. [Source]

one noob here. 70 tries = no jackpot (i.e. Gold Token) what do u think? or maybe im really infamous for my lack of luck rofl? [Source]