[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Summon Angel

Summon Angel Event is now available for sGE. Players who login during Nov 7-Dec 7, 2009 will get a free set of +5/+6 Normal/Veteran/Expert Imperviums (aka Lacquers). To encourage players who quitted to return to the game, all players who have NOT login from Jan 1 to Nov 6, 2009 will get a free Revival Pack, including cash shop potions, manuals, pet food, and Summon Angel boxes. If these returning players clock 100 hours within a month, they will bonus freebies, such as Home Premium Service - 30 days.

The boxes essentially summon a GM NPC for 2 minutes, during which anyone can click on her to get special buffs. AR/DR buff lasts for 24 hours and persist after changing zones. Other buffs last for 4 hours and ends after changing zone.

Items can be claimed from ABS, and then in-game from Leonardo. See Summon Angel Event for official details and the full list of freebies. See Free Impervium Set!, Summon Summon, and The Angel on other blogs.