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GE Christmas Around the World 2009

Ever wonder what do the other editions of Granado Espada have for Christmas? So, who has the best GE Christmas of them all?
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X'mas Poppet says:
to all my blog readers!

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See The Holidays Come To Sword of the New World. The 2 events are similar to kGE's speed-typing event and rGE's Tiger pet event.

The Snow Drop Challenge Event (December 23 – January 6)
Players will have a timed challenge in-game to type the exact things the NPC says. They get 3 challenges and will win various prizes depending upon their performance. Prizes include Christmas socks, X-mas tree, Snowman, Christmas Firecracker, or experience cards.

Year of the Tiger Event (December 30 – January 13)
Sword of the New World will be celebrating the year of the Tiger on New Year’s this year. Join in to participate in a number mini-game and get a chance to win a Tiger pet that can be used to buff. [Source]

There are also 2 forum contests. G1 Holiday Festivus Contest offers a chance to win premiums by submitting screenshot or fan art with winter holiday theme. Holiday Minstrel Contest requires contestants to modify a classic Christmas song and the sole winner will get 3 Santa Hats.

Most players also receive a Santa Costume for Fighter, probably for logging in on Christmas or sometime close. See also Ho the Tiger for the New Year event. All players who login on Dec 23-27 will receive a full set of Santa costumes. See Santa Surprise! for details.

See previous blog entries - HCOF Christmas Special and Summon Angel.

Collect 2 of each tradable letters - X, M, A, and S from any monster. Give a set to Event NPC for free Christmas Tree, Snowman, Snow Spray, Health Filler, EXP Card, and assorted Lollipops. There are also special prizes - Star Knuckles, Star Gaiters, Toy Hammer, and Premium Treasure Chest (?). See jGE Christmas Event (Dec 12-29).

Free body/back costumes, hats, promotional scrolls, and cash shop potions for families that meet certain conditions based on family level and having 3-5 characters of assorted levels. See 極みへの挑戦! (Dec 22-Feb 23) for details.

New families get 2 special buff potions for 100% Combat EXP and 100% Stance EXP buff. They stack with Combat/Tactics Manuals. Unused potions are deleted after event. See エスパダ プラスをはじめる方へステキなプレゼント!! (Dec 22-Feb 23).

Old players who quit the game will get Phoenix Wings (15-days), Horn of Baphomet (15-days), and/or Growth Medicine Bottle (+50% Combat EXP). See これから復帰するユーザーに特別なアイテムを配布!!. This corresponds to sGE's Summon Angel event to encourage players who quit to return to the game.

Note: If you encounter a blank page when loading jGE website, see Have You Been Blocked Today?.

Collect 50 Snow Pieces and combine them with Pure Ores (50 of each type) and talk to Event NPC in town. Accept the speed-typing challenge, consisting of 3 rounds - 1st (15 sec), 2nd (20 sec), and 3rd (30 sec) to get freebies, e.g. EXP Card, Strength Potion (Hrin's Liquor), Santa Hat, Rudolph Hat, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Christmas Sock, Triumph Filler, etc. If you win all 3 rounds in 1 challenge, you can get bonus items. Only 1 challenge is allowed per hour. See MC Santa for details.

Santa Grabber pet is also available for acquisition via Magic Scroll. It loots and drops Christmas Gift Box. See Silver Server v4.3.8.There are also Santa costumes for Grace, Calyce, Emilia, and Adelina. See Magic of Christmas in kGE.

Thai GE is having the same event as kGE (see above). See TGE Merry X'mas 2009 Event. In addition, prices of selected cash shop items have been reduced by 25%. See TGE End of Year Sale.

Russia Granado Espada (possibly the newest edition of GE) has updated to v3.5 since Dec 16, 2009. See here.

Double EXP boost for all players during Dec 23-30. See Двойной опыт.

See Новогоднее приключение. From Dec 23-Jan 6, hunt for special red ore (lower level, higher drop rate) from mobs, then give it to Event NPC. Talk to the Tiger to guess its number. When you guessed the right number, you get 2-8 points (less error, more points). For each game you can get a random prize - tiger claw, tiger fur, different types of ores. When you accumulated 1000+ points, you play another guessing game to guess the final number. Once you win, you can acquire one of the 3 Tiger pets.
  • White Tiger (heals +1500 HP): 1000 points + 400k feso + Tiger Fur
  • Black Tiger (heals +1000 HP): 2000 points + 250k feso + Tiger Claw
  • Yellow Tiger (loots items): 3000 points + 100k feso
Also, the 3 players with the most points after the event will get...
  1. +5 Lacquer: Veteran, +6 Lacquer: Veteran, White Gold Bars
  2. +6 Lacquer: Veteran, White Gold Bars
  3. +5 Lacquer: Veteran, White Gold Bars
From Dec 16 to Jan 13, Occulta Dungeon requires only 1 Ancient Rune to enter (instead of the usual 5 runes). Players who completed Nar's quest during this time will get free Crystal Wings (15-days). See Проверь свои силы в испытании Нара.

Design a GE-themed calendar for forum contest. The prizes are 1st - Crystal Wings (365-days) and 1 Master Promotion Scroll, 2nd - Crystal Wings (90-days) and 2 Expert Promotion Scrolls, and 3rd - Crystal Wings (30-days) and 3 Veteran Promotion Scrolls. See Календарь для жителей Нового света and the forum contest entries.

See 冬日狂欢盛典. Login during Dec 24-27 to get 5 Santa costumes (30-days), and during Dec 25-27 to get 30 Pet Food per day, 8 Triumph Fillers (?) per day, and 1 Veteran Promotion Scroll (must be 1 Veteran in family) per day.

Until Jan 7, collect X, M, A, and S letters from mobs and get EXP Cards, Lollipops, X'mas Tree, X'mas Firecracker, Snowman, Health Filler, and Arsene Circus Ticket (exchange for Trump Weapons).

From Dec 26-Jan 6, any faction (aka clan) who occupies selected colonies will win prizes. All faction members get 1 Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass (1-day), and faction leaders get 100 Veteran Enchantment Chips.

Top-up cash shop credits during Dec 24-Jan 4 to get free feso.

Taiwan GE is updating to v4.1.2 五大元素:聖魔水之謎 (5 Elements: Holy Water Mystery) at the end of the year. Their Christmas Event (Dec 23-Jan 6) is the same Snow Drop Challenge as kGE and tGE mentioned above.

Login for 4 days in a week (30 min per login) and get a different item each week - Socket Flux, Devil Wings (7-days), Expanded Warp Slots (15-days), Lucifer Wings (7-days), and Ancient Area Pass (1-day). If you login everyday for the week, you will also get a bonus Ancient Area Pass (1-day). See 登入活動 (Dec 1-28).

New costumes, Dragon Crossbow, and Dragon Sword are added. See 炎龍武器6 and 炎龍武器7.

Login during Dec 22-29 and get free 5 Santa costumes (30-days; 1 type each), 3 Santa Hats, 100 Snow Sprays, 20 Christmas Trees, 20 Snowman, 10 Christmas Firecrackers, and 60 Buche de Noel (20 per element). Christmas Tree grants all characters near it ATK +15% and faster HP Regeneration. Snowman grants everyone near it ATK Speed +10%. See Đón "Giáng Sinh Trắng" cùng Bá Chủ Thế Giới .

They also recycled 2 old events. Login for 30+ hours in a week and get freebies like Silver Phoenix Wings. Those who top-up cash shop credit will stand a chance to get Gold Phoenix Wings. See Bảo trì định kỳ - Ra mắt máy chủ Huyền Thoại and Thể lệ bốc thăm may mắn hàng tuần.

Cash shop has a 50% discount for all items. See Giảm giá vĩnh viễn toàn bộ vật phẩm cashshop.

Edit: Added vGE, which I don't usually look at since vGE is also managed by IAHGames (sGE). Thanks to Amalielle for reminding me about vGE. Added x2 EXP rate and Tiger pet event for rGE, and details for cGE.

Added Santa Grabber and new Santa costumes for kGE.

Added Santa Surprise! and Ho the Tiger link for SNW.


Anonymous said…
IPF Packer ^_^

Updated EXE which can pack faster (Need first download because it contains the databank)

It has some small issues with merging IPF's sometimes but I recommend making an IPF with it with whatever you want and then using the Granado Espada launchpad to merge the data.

Merry Christmas
thaoandyou said…
You mention me but you didn't talk to me. That's mean :(

(ps it's Amalielle
Anonymous said…
T_T I want a white tiger pet together with my Baek Ho. I'm assuming yellow tiger is the orange one. nice blog btw :)