[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Preview - Armonia Episode 2

IMC has released a new update preview 업데이트 미리보기 - 아르모니아 에피소드2 and a new mini-site 그라나도 에스파다 . According to the mini-site, Armonia scenarios will have up to 5 episodes.

It's the same old crap over and over again. New quests, new free character (followed by lots of cash characters), new missions that drop crap, new equipment to make players spend more on cash items...

1. New Scenario - Armonia Episode 2
Archbishop Vega reveals the existence of Armonia El Templo beyond Armonia En Celar. Along with William, Guard Laura heads to the temple to uncover the secret past.

2. New Character - Laura Constance (v22.32.73)
 Laura joined the Armonia Guard to her missing twin. She cursed God and hated the church for the tragedy. You must complete Armonia Episode 2 scenario to start her recruitment quest. Her unique stance [Saint Shot] uses pistol. There is some sort of cumulative status that enhances her attack. She is susceptible to physical attacks.

Let me guess... her missing twin is going to be a cash character? zzz

See Blue Moon Waltz for Laura and [Saint Shot] stance.

3. New Field - Armonia El Templo (v22.32.73)
Built to worship the lords of the Abyss in the past, Armonia El Templo is also occupied by Corrupted Knights. There are 2 field bosses - Abyss Fear and Abyss Chaos.

See 神聖帝國EP2新地下城 - 混沌神殿 for introduction. You may enter this map from the southern corridor of Armonia En Celar. Both raid bosses are at the left and right chambers (C7 and J7). They respawn after 3-4 days. The final boss in the southern chamber (F11) activates only after both Abyss bosses are dead.

4. New Mission - Knight of Chaos
This new mission for 3-12 players can be started from NPC in Armonia Apostadero. It seems there is a variety of difficulty for this mission.

So... probably more Lv.92 Elites? The new missions have been sucking since Tigres Prison was added, including the 2 new Bahama missions and Dark Priest. Why do IMC like to waste time designing missions that give crap reward?

5. New Items - Armonia Accessories
Added Armonia Necklace, Gloves, and Boots. They provide set bonus when using Armonia Weapon and Santo de Blanc Armor. Each can be enchanted up to STR/DEX/etc. +5.

6. New Armor - Santo de Blanc (Wizard)
Wizard robe (DR34) has been added. Recipe drops from bosses in Armonia El Templo. Since there are 3 more scenarios, players can probably expect Leather (Fighter), Leather (Scout), and Coat (Musketeer) to be released one by one for each scenario...

That's right. Keep coming up with new equipment so players have to blow on the overly expensive cash items like Enhancement Boosters, Enhanced Enchant Tranquilizer, etc...

7. New Journal Update
Four new story books will drop from monsters in Armonia El Templo... Goodness, it is just freaking text. Why do you need to farm bloody monsters just for that? IMC should just update the journal directly after completing the scenario quests.

8. New Event - Come Back To Play This Bloody Game
Event NPC in Reboldoeux grants some free items to players who return after not logging on for a while...