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Game Client Optimizer

The following was provided by DelKreuz at Optimize files for speed and size:

Granado Espada has a very poor update system. When an update is done, it merges the new ipf files with the old ones, and keeps the old data.

Those old data can be safely removed. Doing so has two advantages :
1 - You earn some disk space.
2 - It can improve your game loading performances.

Here is a small script that will optimize your ipf files, it is very effective for old installations. I had an installation that was made during GE v5.0, and using this script I earned about 1GB, and I saved over 450MB on a fresh install of Granado Esapda Europe!

The file : optimize

Everything you need is explained in the readme.txt file, but if you need help feel free to ask by commenting this article!

Note that the process takes quite a bit of time, so you better not launch it if you want to play right away. Windows8 users might have to disable Windows Smartscreen ( Control panel -> action center -> Windows smartscreen)

For those who have problems with reading a readme... This how you should put the files to make it work.

And DO NOT FORGET to use clean-backup.bat to delete the backup files, or you will have doubled the size of your GE instead of reducing it.

πŸ’¬ Overbleed website has been taken offline. As it turns out, I still have the files, so get it from the new link below:


Rojirigo said…
Very scared, but it works fine with GE Singapour. Thanks
Roman said…
It should work at least until IPF passwords will be changed.
So on every server which have the same IPF password (SGE/T3 have the same pass,dunno abt EuGE and KGE/JGE, probably it`s different for KGE and maybe for JGE, but i think it`s the same as SGE for EuGE).
The biggest problem with overweigh in files is when new episode applied,cause usually it`s a lot of little modifications which is applied one-by-one instead of applying all together. In time when no big update happens, only dictionary.ipf should get bigger and bigger (cause every event and lyndon box have new translation strings, and there are only 1 big .xml file for all the in-game client-side text in there, so when patch applied with only 1kb of new data- patcher will pack a totally new .xml together wil the old one, which will make new .ipf weight 8+mb more then older one. So 10 patches will make it 80+ mb more, 100 patches -800...
I`m now working on Russian GE translation( i think i`ll make multilanguage clients for t3/sge/euge and create my own laucher together with the original one, which will remember every IPF`s MD5 and optimize all the IPFs if MD5s is changed)
Ashardalon said…
If you are doing your own translations, do note that the id numbers of the same text are different for different clients. So you cannot simply use the same dictionary.xml for sGE, GEo, and euGE. You have to make a different one for each game client.

You can do the same to translate jGE client to English, but the problem is having to translate 90k+ lines of text. It will take a lot of time if you are doing on your own.
zStarry97 said…
Any way to edit the .bat file so that it doesnt create any backup? my harddisk doesnt have enough space for the backup
Ashardalon said…
To avoid backup, edit the .bat file to remove the lines...

@echo Makes backup of %%~nf.ipf...
copy /y ..\ge\%%~nf.ipf ..\ge\%%~nf.ipf.bak
Prefix said…
Link is dead :(

Anyone got a mirror?
Roman said…
I got it, but since GEEU GM_Chris is a scammer- i simply won`t help anyone related with GEEU.
Mod_Cortes aka Rumbis.
Note: GL with you GM-related Satis faction (Kosima is Mod_Malak,yeah).