Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Jane's 60 Minutes Event

Talk to Jane (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux (G3). Collect Memory Piece (event item) by killing monsters, and give the specified amount to Jane. Jane will ask you to listen to a character sound clip. If you identify the character correctly, you get Gold Token 1st Grade, otherwise you get Gold Token 2nd Grade.

You can exchange the event tokens for the following rewards. Costumes are subject to change by local servers.
  • Mary's Summer Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • Cherlyn's Summer Costume - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • J.D's Cape Pattern Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • Grandies' [???] Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)
  • Recruitment Character Card Box - Gold Token 1st Grade (x6)
  • Training Card B (Event) (x5) - Gold Token 1st Grade (x1)
  • Medal of Honor G (x5) - Gold Token 1st Grade (x1) 
  • Gold Taken 1st Class (x1) - Gold Token 2nd Grade (x2)
Note: You must enable character sound in Options window (Alt + O) to hear the sound clip. You can only do this event up to 10 times.

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Ramiel's Gift Box
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Lyndon Box - Jane
WAYI has added Jane Card and Sierra's Summer Costume Set to Lyndon Box this month.