Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

American Update & Japanese Update

American server has been updated to v22.19.56.
  • Fixed Time Paradox missions. Roulette chest appears at boss' spawn spot after boss dies.
  • Rumin Ores always yield Great Rumin when refining with reputation points.
  • Gold Coins Rush Event - Hm. I think I'll pass! LOL
See Patch Notes - August 19, 2014 for more details. See Patch Highlights v22.19.56 ~ v22.38.05  for upcoming patch notes.

The premium characters released since the last update are...

Image from A Certain Scientific Railgun, Episode 09.

UI Skins - Pending Update
This update has also modified the UI window for weapon/armor enhancement. All skin packs are currently outdated. I will update all skin packs on this blog soon. The file that needs updating is button.bmp. There are also 2 new files - reinforceback.bmp and reinforcepopup.bmp. As I mentioned before, missing files are not a problem since the game client will auto-load the default files for any missing skin files. However, there are some players who still do not understand how to deal with partial skins, so I will probably be including all skin files in the upcoming skin packs.

Japan servers have been updated to Armonia Episode 2 on Aug 20, 2014. Added new characters and voices for Laura and Blue Flame Ludin. The updated character voice file (se.ipf) has been uploaded by Lone★Wanderer . You can download it from MediaFire .

Also added Abyss Weapons (ATK Rating 37) and Pet Box (Moon Knight) to Knight of Chaos mission. This should be available only for Japan servers.

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Download File - se.ipf (Japan 8/20/2014)


Anonymous said…
Monsters drop Golden Coins - event items for a currently non-existent event.

- they've updated it. see:

Ahmed Elanani said…
thx for the voice pack