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Black'light vs. Protector Shields

Since Black'light Shield was released in American servers (v21.77.84), I bought a few and decided to test them against my older shields...

The family attributes used are:
  • Defensive - Max HP +54%, Dodge/Block +2, Skill Dodge +5%, PC Damage -2%, Monster Damage -30%, Damage -6% When HP Below 50%
  • Offensive - ATK +50%, ATK Speed +18%, Monster ATK +35%

Tested Wildlife Shields against the dogs in Secret Garden and Sauterelle in Broken Time Paradox mission.

Based on the damage received, Black'light Shield is the best, followed by Beast Protector. Non-racial Phantom Guard (DR+2) is worse than the low-level Protector shield.

Under defensive attributes, the damage difference is not high. But under offensive attributes, the shield begins to be more significant in damage reduction. This is useful for solo missions, in which you need to tank and deal damage at the same time.

Also tested Undead Shields in Twisted Spacetime Room against Montoro's normal attacks.

The difference is merely 37x5=185 damage. While Black'light Shield is still better than Undead Protector, the cost may not justify it...

Protector shields exist only for Wildlife, Undead, and Lifeless. There is no Human or Demon Protector, so the next best alternative is Lv.92 Elite Shields.

Once more Black'light is still the best. But now, non-racial Phantom Guard proves to be better than racial Elite Pollux Guard. Normal racial is capped at 25%, while Protector shields have maximum 40%. The difference of 15% racial reduction actually drops racial Lv.92 elite shield below non-racial Phantom Guard.

  1. In order of highest damage reduction, the shields are... Black'light (Racial 25%) > Protector (Racial 40%) > Phantom Guard (DR+2) > Lv.92 Elite Shield (Racial 25%).
  2. Damage difference between Black'light Shield and Protector Shield is significant mostly under offensive family attribute (for solo tank + DPS). 
  3. Damage difference between Black'light Shield and Protector Shield is not too big under defensive family attribute (full tank setup). So if you do not want to spend too much, Protector Shields are still feasible.


Rojirigo said…
Wow supernice post, usefull and really informative... i really would enjoy similar future post.
Lectem said…
I actually would like to see the results from higher AR mobs, sure montoro test is interesting, but king Fordoi, medusa and broken TP all have average AR (and usually not the ones you really need a tank to kill, PF/magic barrier are enough).

What about testing with armonia bosses or infinite challenge at high level ?
Ashardalon said…
Infinite Challenge bosses are too random to be useful for testing damage. Base ATK varies too much according to boss type.

I don't have time/interest to camp Armonia bosses. For testing, it is usually easier to use a monster that is available on demand (i.e. mission-based boss) instead of one that requires camping, competition, or PVP.

For Broken TP Sauterelle (AR74), even with Magic Barrier, it can hurt for soloing with DPS family attributes.

As seen for Montoro (AR83), higher AR doesn't really make a difference for the shield test conclusions. So they should hold true even for newer Armonia bosses.
Omegas said…
Ash, maybe we should try Tigres.

this would be really great for clans that havent run Tigres because they all think they need Black Light...