Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Update Preview 10.0: End of Montoro

New Korean update preview is now available - 업데이트 미리보기 - 10.0 몬토로의 최후. See also Play Forum article GE, 10.0 업데이트 - 몬토로 자작의 최후 .

1. Judgment Day: End of Montoro
Added last Lucifer Castle scenario quest - Judgment Day. You will receive quest mail in Viron, if you have cleared the previous Lucifer Castle quests. There will a confrontation with Farrel, and then a key needs to be crafted involving material from a monster. Raven will get screwed over by his curse again. Various NPC will show up in the last scenario, including Fritz.

From Lucifer Castle 2F, you can create a raid mission 1/day with up to 30 participants, possibly after defeating Forte. Viscount Montoro has the highest probability of getting Strata Devil Armor Recipes. Strata Devil Accessory Recipes are also available.

2. New Character: Grandies
You must complete Judgment Day scenario (see above) to start on her recruitment quest. You need to talk to Raven as part of the quest. She is supposed to be some sort of clone of Grandma. She can wear metal and leather (fig, sco) armors. She gains team buff with Claude, Jose, Grandma, Claire, and/or Alejandro. Her personal skill is a wide-area attack [Ground Wave].

Grandies has 2 expert stances. [Soul Guard] uses great sword, and can ignore defenses of enemy. The stance book can be acquired with a simple quest mission. The other stance is [Soul Bringer] using sword + main-gauche.

See Play Forum articles - 신구 개척왕의 대결! 승자는 누구? for Grandies vs. Grandma, 그랑디스 등장! 내가 진정한 개척왕이다! for [Soul Guard], and 최초 공개! 그랑디스의 숨겨진 비기(秘奇) for [Soul Bringer].

3. New Character: Vincent
Vincent is a member of Memento Mori, an organization founded by Dios Latem. He is looking for and/or investigating Dios Latem and Al Quet Moreza. The quest will begin when you arrive at Viron. You need to use Andre to talk to him, and must have Refined Holy Water (quest item involved in Holy Water Chamber and Catherine Torsche quests) to complete the quest.

His expert stance is [Abyss] which uses tome. The stance book can acquired through a quest involving the Land of the Dead. One featured skill is [Mass Destruction], which can removed up to 36 dead characters. He can also use Rosario to access [Enhanced Tactics]. His personal skill [Frenzy] can buff squad members with ATK, ATK Speed, and Movement Speed. He gets team buff with Asoka and Cruz.

After that, you can start on another quest to acquire Abyss' Magic Book, a tome with ATK Rating 34. The quest is repeatable with an NPC in Land of the Dead.

See Play Forum article 빈센트 - 본격적인 공격형 힐러 등장! for more on Vincent, [Abyss] skills, and videos.

4. New Costumes
Added Santa Costume Sets for Asoka and Valeria. Added Indigo 9 Costume Set for Lionel, and Indigo 9 Weapon Costumes for rifle and pistol. These will be available via Magic Circle web-game this month.

5. Next Update
Catherine dolls will receive expert stance. Elisa, nurse officer in Castilla Garrison 1, can be recruited.


Skyden said…
Ashardalon, can you confirm that the Dolls are Getting New Expert Stances, or the ones they are getting are the Ones announced long ago?
Ashardalon said…
It's a sneak preview for the next update after v10.0, so it should be stances that they don't already have in v10. So it is not [Crusader], etc.

Added link to Play Forum article about Vincent - see here.
Shingles said…
ShingPring: can someone help me get invites from bluemoon.. Nice work Ash keep it up...thx
Ashardalon said…
Added link to new [Soul Bringer] article - see here.
Helion said…

Under Elisa's picture does it say she's going to get a pistol stance?

This is what google translate tells me..[Enhancement Tactics] stance is related to a idk
Ashardalon said…
Uh, you are right. It did say "pistol" (권총) in the text. Hm. No idea. Maybe she can use pistol too?
Helion said…
They added Elisa to the silver server, so it seems she does get a pistol or some range stance :o
Helion said…
Argh...nvm it seems that second stance is for najib..kinda though it was her's from the previous topic.