Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Fixed Drops: Lucifer Castle Warehouse

The following data list the fixed drops from v8.5 game client (SG) for various monsters in Lucifer Castle, Basement Warehouse. See [v8.5 Feature] Lucifer Castle Raid for more information. Fixed drops are basically what you can find in Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps. Other types of drops are not included. 

Monster Fixed Drops
Warehouse Mini-Boss 50 Enchantment Chip Veteran (1/1), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1), 2 Archangel's Heart (1/2), 2 Seed of Rafflesia (1/2), 2 Siren's Scale (1/2)
Twin Nephthys 2 Dragon Heart (1/1), 5 Rhodolite of Nephthys (1/2), 5 Holy Water of Nephthys (1/2), 5 Otite of Nephthys (1/2), 5 Corazon of Nephthys (1/2), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)
Stone Cortes 5 Cortes' Desire (1/2), 5 Cortes' Ambition (1/2), 5 Cortes' Murderous Intent (1/2), 5 Cortes' Delight (1/2), 5 Cortes' Sorrow (1/2), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)

Warehouse Mini-Bosses include Experimental Undertaker, Wolfriner, and Chimera No.666. 

Note that Hell Lord, Hell General Veil/Combs/Marsha, and Mage of Greed/Despair/Pain do not have fixed drops. 

Both Twin Pleasure and Sensual Nephthys have the same fixed drops.

See also Fixed Drops: Lucifer Castle Laboratory.