Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Soul Bringer, Abyss, & Santa Costumes

Grandies received her 2nd expert stance [Soul Bringer]. See Play Forum article 신구 개척왕의 대결! 승자는 누구? for [Soul Bringer] stance and a comparison of Grandies vs. Grandma. See Grandies + Vincent for the earlier post about Grandies, Vincent, and [Soul Guard] stance. Click on images below for full-size views.

Here is Grandies' 2nd expert stance [Soul Bringer], using sword + main-gauche.

... and Vincent's [Abyss] stance, using tome.

There are also 3 new costume sets - Santa Costume for Asoka, Santa Costume for Valeria, and Indigo 9 Costume for Lionel.


Ashardalon said…
Soul Bringer book drops in Montoro raid here.