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Preview - Prophet's Forest

For so long, there has been no new content (merely revisions of existing content) added to the game. Milking via Lyndon Boxes was the only thing... Now, IMC has finally released a new area... and it's a pathetic one-map release in v20.13.37 (test server).

Bahamar Prophet's Forest
Bahamar Prophet's Forest is essentially like Bristia Scar, with escalating monster levels that will spawn the boss, going up to Lv.150. When the boss appears, the monsters drop Old Chess Pieces and Snail Shells, which nobody really cares about these days. The new map can be reached via Bahamar Swamp of Peril (H1). There is also a mini-boss that respawns in 12 hours (?).

Seriously, when was the last time anyone has seen Lv.150 Breeze? Nobody seriously bothers with it shortly after Breeze was released... The reason is probably the fact that Elite Bristia Weapon Recipe drop rate is too abysmally low. Since Prophet's Forest follows the same design pattern, players really shouldn't expect too much for the drop rate of Recipe - Little Witch's Broomstick (AR35)...

It is interesting to note the Chinese/Taiwanese players' comments in FatSnake's blog here. It seems like even players in other servers are thinking the same thing...
  • Everyone is bored. Players are quitting.
  • With Bristia Scar map design, unless the monsters drop really good stuffs, you can forget about Lv.150 boss since nobody is going to farm there. Another game design failure.
  • Viron Clock Tower is just tired, repetitive, and over-done.
  • Tigres Prison doesn't make money. Roulette is too crappy. You spend more Vis (and effort) raiding than you actually earn.

New Character - Sierra Los
Sierra Los has been added. She is recruitable via quest, which also provides Witch's Old Broomstick (AR33, not tradable). Okay, that's good at least, about bloody time there's a non-cash character. Sierra's Witch Hat is available for sale in the dressing room.

Character Level Cap & HP Adjustments
Character level cap has been increased to Lv.135. Master Lv.10 (100%) will automatically become Master Lv.11 (0%). There is no High Master promotion, so you don't get bonus AR/DR. From Master Lv.2 onwards, HP formula has been changed from (CON x CON)/7.5 + 500 to (CON x CON)/8.4 + 700.

Market Changes
You can now buy things using Elemental Jewels directly. You may now choose to register items in the Market Manager (with different fees) for 48 hours (0.1%), 96 hours (0.18%), or 168 hours (0.26%).

Mutual Party War
If both parties agree to a war, there is no need to use a War Declaration Scroll.

Also, in v20.06.10...
  • Added new character - Selane.
  • Added quest bypasses for Beatrice, Ludin, and Leonele involving Time Paradox or Clock Tower missions.
See Patch Highlights v20.03.13 for earlier patches.

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Ashardalon said…
kGE Prophet's Forest Update Mini-Site - Bahamar Episode 1.

FYI, Bristia Scar map just before maintenance today is at Lv.125 for Castilla server.
Ashardalon said…
Japan GE Patch Notes - http://ge.hanbitstation.jp/News/Update/6530

Rachel/Rose Spirit Cards (event) in Feso Shop for 5m feso

Bahamas Earrings
Penetration +20 , +20 immunity

Three magic crystal earrings
15 Clough gated chain
10 animal spirits of the forest
Five heart of the dragon
Five heaven water

Bahamas Necklace
+2 Grade attack , defense grade +1 , 10% reduction of all the damage

Three craft crystal necklace
15 Clough gated chain
10 animal spirits of the forest
Five heart of the dragon
Five heaven water

Bahamas Belt
Protection grade +1 , +10 stamina , immunity +10

One upgrade Jormungand belt
10 buckle that have been modified
10 animal spirits of the forest
Five heart of the dragon
Five heaven water