Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v20.03.13

The following are some highlights of upcoming patches for T3Fun servers (currently v19.45.02) up to v20.03.13. The patch notes are based on Korean live servers (not test server). There is barely anything new, really. Just more revisions of one type or other... and of course, player-milking Lyndon Box.

Also, according to the Face Book entry here, Selene will be coming soon in the next Kaching Box Lyndon Box (Korea). What did you expect? Of course, you have to gamble for her. You should know IMC's milking strategy better by now!

v19.48.96 -
  • Let's Play GE event, rewarding duration-type accessories (e.g. earring, belt, etc.).
  • Upgrades for [Flintlock] and other shooting stances. See Edged Carbine for details.

v.19.56.87 -
  • World Cross PVP initialization, modified rank system, shop changes. See here for details.
  • Bounty Hunter Guild tokens are grouped into a single token item. Existing general/veteran/expert tokens are converted to new BHG tokens at 1:1/1:5/1:25 rate. Cost of items in BHG shop modified.
  • Some missions get double roulette reward if completed on specific days.
    • Mon - Angler Hunting Ground, Al Quelt Moreza Hollow
    • Tue - Merman Eater's Nest, Tetra Antiquity Room
    • Wed - Nightmare Unicorn, Porto Bello St. Cathrina's Saloon
    • Thu - Leo Room, Corridor of Assize
    • Fri - Gullfaxi's Strange Dungeon, Room of the Dead
    • Sat - Ice Gate, Lightning Gate, Argus, Sekhmet
    • Sun - Tetra Avernus Road, Trinity Elemental Force, Joaquin Underground Passage, Endless Greed
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge now allows entry to Tetra Avernus Road, Trinity Elemental Force, Joaquin Underground Passage, Endless Greed.
  • Removed Greed of Treasure Box mission. Existing key refunded with 30 Expedition Memos.
  • Enhance UI window allows you to buy cash items directly. Kaching!
  • Slight changes to [Floresta] stance.
  • Removed Castilla Treasure Hunt and Ancient Magic Merchant.

  • Added Montoro to Lyndon Box. Kaching!
  • Removed Magic Shield and Elemental RES family attribute. WTF, tank nerfed again... those bastards.
  • Added Scarecrow monster at Thueringen Lakeside for damage tests.
  • Modified World Cross PvP maximum scores and EXP.
  • Modified [Heavy Stinger] stance and [Dispel Magic] skill.
  • Reduced cost of inserting costume rumins from 2m to 500k.

  • Warp list expanded to maximum of 40.
  • Modified Kano's Heart quest mission.

  • Stance updates - Combat Medicine, Folklore, Prelude, Hermetisme, Storytelling, Innocentio. See Edged Carbine for details.
  • Personal skill updates - Soho/Soho the Wind, Valeria Vendetta, Vincent, Elisa. See Edged Carbine for details.
  • Revised food buff system. Each food has a fill rate. You cannot exceed 100 fill rate. See Edged Carbine for details.
  • Reduced Cooking Cauldron prices slightly to make portable food.
  • Added warp gate in Bounty Hunter Guild missions to go directly to the next mission.

  • Thanksgiving Event 2013.
  • Added Roht as part of event.

  • Revised clique (alliance) faction system. See here for details.
  • Revised war declaration. See here for details. Cannot declare war if less than 5 levels to the other faction (?).
  • Revised Colony War. See here for details.
  • Removed monthly elections.
  • Revised Clique War. See here for details. Modified rank population and required contribution points.
  • Revised faction level. [Party Blessing] buff changed from monster ATK +2% per level to +3% per level.
  • Added new party missions - Mad Montoro, Mad Kielce. Earn points to level faction.
  • Revised daily Brown quests for all.
  • Revised premium dungeons - disabled party war; barons not allowed.
  • Added pioneer merchants to field maps of Errac, Viron, Castilla, Resistance Shelter, Bristia Scar.
  • Added pioneer merchant S rank, with 5% discount of existing items, and new Empire weapon in shop.
  • Removed Lv.1-5 Pioneer Tokens. Each pioneer merchant offers 1 quest for Lv.9 Pioneer Token.
  • New artifacts for Lorch, Selva, Calyce, Nar, Ania, Daria, and Natalie.
  • Added Mercenary Claude to Lyndon Box. Kaching! Kaching!

  • Modified Colony War slightly.
  • Revised socket system. You can use more Socket Tranquilizers to achieve 100% socket opening rate.
  • Modified invisibility buff. Cannot attack player, but works for monsters, summons (?).

  • More Colony War changes.

  • Enabled teleport for selected maps, but cannot do so if within 30m of a hostile player.
    • Queen's Gate, Nimrod Bridge, Thueringen Lakeside, Lucifer Castle (all except entrance), Kielce (all), Ancient Castilla Temple, Viron Forests (all).
  • Modified Tigres Prison B3F/B4F. Roulette chest moved to warp gate. Mobs removed when boss dies.


TD3 said…
Any idea what Selva's artifact does?
Ashardalon said…
Destino level +1, STR +5 (Selva only)