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Singapore Game Update v21.53.30

IAHGames has updated Singapore servers to v21.53.30, just one live version before Armonia update. See Patch Highlights v21.76.73 for upcoming patches.

To avoid patching issues, IAHGames GE Facebook  says:
While games under maintenance , kindly edit your hosts file before the auto patch. Thanks.

How to edit?
1. open notepad and run as administrator
2. go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and select 'hosts'
3. edit by placing : iahgames.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com live.patch.ge.iahgames.com
4. then 'SAVE'

I did NOT edit the hosts file as mentioned above, but can actually still access the 2 files needed to prepare patching at the URLs below:

When I use Get IP  to trace live.patch.ge.iahgames.com, it says the IP is from United States... ?!

Notice the (unmodified hosts) IP is the same as the one sGE Facebook asks you to modify hosts to direct for iahgames.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com. When I trace as Facebook says...

... If they need to change the patch server, why not just update the game client's updater.config.xml file instead? There shouldn't be any need for players to mess around with the hosts file. No idea what they are trying to do...

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Lectem said…
It's actually a CDN issue (content delivery network).
It is normal that you see a US IP since the it will redirect to the cdn (here it is bitgravity) for faster download.
My guess is that their CDN is bad so they gave the IP to bypass it.
Yeah, IAHed.
E.R. Bass said…
The problem still isn't fixed even after they claimed that they'd fixed it & we don't need to tinker with files...... which I wasn't going to do.
Ashardalon said…
Also, some USA ISP may block sGE servers. See here for details.