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Ion vs. Selene

The following tests are conducted in v22.80.01 game client. Also, maybe someone who has both Leonele and Cadet Leonele can do a damage comparison.

"Winter is coming." - Ned Headless Stark
While we are on this, be sure to watch the hilarious Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones .

The testing characters have the following:
  • Common Equipment = Magic Gloves, +8 Enhanced Will of Argus, +6 Crafted RES Necklace INT+3, +6 Magic Belt INT+3, Eagle Eye Artifact, +7 Evil Ice Bracelet, +6 Iceberg Bangle
  • Family Attribute = ATK 50%, ATK Speed 18%, ATK vs Monster 34%
  • Common Buffs = Blessing of Ancients, Powerful Buff, Lv.12 Principal, Lv.12 Magic Enhancement
  • Ion's Buffs = La Atencion Promotion, Lv.12 Flare
  • Selene's Buffs = Triumph Filler (simulating La Atencion), Lv.10 Frigid, Lv.10 Chill Touch (1st Selene) or Lv.12 Flare (2nd Selene)
The target monster is:
Scarecrow • Lv.130 Demon • Soft Armor • None • Small
HP 2,001,552 • ATK Rating 65 • ATK 0 • DEF Rating 80 • DEF 314
Penetration 0 • Magic Penetration - Fire 0, Ice 0, Lightning 0, Mental 0
Immunity 100 • RES - Fire 80, Ice 80, Lightning 80, Mental 80

All stance skills are at Lv.10. Damage does not include Selene's additional ATK for target's debuffs (e.g. Agony, Mortal Wound). The skill comparisons are as follow:
  1. Quick AOE - (2) Circle Frost vs (1) Snow Storm
  2. Slow AOE - (4) Frost Storm vs (3) Thorn Field
  3. Single Target - (3) Frost Dust vs (2) Icicle
  4. Finisher - (5) Freezing vs (5) Ice Breaker

Ion wins in terms of normal attacks, but it doesn't matter much since both characters' attacks are 1-hit cycle. They are skill-based DPS, not spacebar DPS anyway.

Selene wins in terms of both area attack damages, but Ion's area skills hit 15 targets, while Selene's skills hit only 8 targets. Ion's quick area skill also has a faster casting time - Circle Frost 0.9s vs Snow Storm 2.1s.

Ion deals more damage for single-target skill. Ion's Frost Dust (2.6s) has a slighter longer casting time than Selene's Icicle (1.8s), but they have the same cooldown time (10s).

Ion's Freezing damage is also higher than Selene's Ice Breaker, but Ion has longer casting time (3.3s vs 2.8s) and longer cooldown time (50s vs 30s). Selene can cast her final skill almost twice as often. In addition, Selene's final skill can potentially deal extra ATK +130% depending on the target's debuffs (Frostbite, Agony, Mortal Wound, Decay, Magical/Physical Break, Broken Armor, Broken Weapon).

Once Selene receives Flare buff, she totally over-powers Ion. But this requires your other character to be Ion, Elementalist, or Helena.

  • Selene is more of a team player, requiring squad members to inflict debuffs on the target to bring out her full potential.
  • For solo or small group raids, Selene may still offset her lower damage by using her final skill more often.
  • However, Ion's Flare buff also raises the other team members' damage.
  • For a cash character, Selene should have been better and could do with a boost.


duc19071991 said…
How about snowflake cherlyn ?
Ashardalon said…
I don't have SF Cherlyn, somebody buy me one to test. :D Anyway, Selene is out in GEEU Lyndon Box.