Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Le Pouvoir

New Le Pouvoir armors have been added to Cash Shop for 18,000-20,000 G-Points, depending on armor type. (For comparison, 1 Mystery Powder costs 220 G-Points, so each armor costs about 81 or 91 Mystery Powders.) They are basically Le Blanc (DR27) that has been updated to +7 and enchanted with DEF and DEF Rating +3 with 3 opened sockets. They last for 30 days. Supposedly, they are meant for new players to use before they acquire Elite Le Blanc (DR30). See [Cash Shop] Le Pouvoir Armour for details.

Personally, I think they are too expensive for a temporary item. Using Le Blanc (DR27) as a base item is pointless even for new players. L92 Elite Armors (DR28) are really cheap, and can be easily upgraded/enchanted. Even Le Noir (DR29) isn't worth much now. It would be more useful and worthwhile if they use Le Noir (DR29) as a base item, and add 2 or 3 HQ Spodumenes. After all, it vanishes after 30 days. Who is going to put expensive Jewels/Rumins into them?

This comment pretty much sums it all up:

lol you don't get it. What we are saying is, for players willing to 'pay to win' there are much better things to spend their gp on. - von Utteresk [Source]

Update: Le Pouvoir armors are available in Sword 2 cash shop for 3,000 Gold each from Sep 07 to Oct 04, 2011. (For comparison, 20 Mystery Powders cost 300 Gold. So 1 armor costs the same as 200 Mystery Powders.) See Le Pouvoir Armors for more information.

[PPL/HCOF] Casino Updates
Panfilo's Pot Luck has been updated for Aug 19 to Sep 01, 2011. Hellena's Circus of Fate has also been updated. Basically, there are Angel Weapons (AR33) and more costumes, as well as 7-days Rumin for costume slots. It is just more gambling, really. I don't even feel like making this post originally, but I suppose I should at least mention Le Pouvoir. If you give a crap about it, see [PPL] Update 3 Opened! and [HCOF] Angel Weapons and New Costumes! for details.