Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

cGE: Chinese New Year 2010

China GE is having its Chinese New Year events. See 2010 虎虎生威 for details.

Yellow Tiger
The cGE version of Yellow Tiger heals +1000 HP (priority), and also provides Lv.11 buffs - uh, I think - Intensify, Accelerate, and Consolidation.

Trump Costumes
These 30-days costumes grant DEF Rating +1, DEF +15, Movement +10%, Max HP +1500, and Max SP +300. The packages also include New Year Cakes and Promotion Scrolls.

EXP Boost +100%: Feb 9-25
All servers will get double EXP rate during the event. One server will get double Stance EXP rate as well.

Login For Freebies: Feb 13-19
Login everyday to receive Pet Food x30 and some event potions/consumables. Families with at least 1 Veteran character will also get Promotion Scrolls if they login for 3 days and 7 days.

Event Item Collection: Feb 9-Mar 4
Mobs will drop 4 event items (similar to Christmas alphabets). Exchange each set of 4 items with event NPC for assorted potions/consumables (common), rainbow/blue/red/pink candy (normal), Lv.40/70/90/Vet EXP Card (normal), Lv.96 elite armors (rare), and Black Tiger Pet Box (rare). The cGE version of Black Tiger is a looter with increased loot range and speed.

Defend the Town!: Feb 9-Mar 4
A nerfed version of Lava Leaf will appear periodically in a map close to a town. It will definitely drop Lv.92-100 Enchantment Chips and Building Materials (see below). It also has a high chance of dropping Moon Stones and Veteran Enchantment Chips.

Building the Towns: Feb 10-Mar 3
Choose a town to support (once chosen, cannot be changed), then collect a 30-days back costume (ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK +10%, DEF +15, HP +1500, Max SP +150) from the NPC in that town by contributing Building Materials (drops from normal mobs and event Lava Leaf).

Once a town reaches 100% in Building Materials, you can no longer contribute to that town. Families who contributed a certain amount of Building Materials will get Veteran EXP Cards - 70 cards for the first town, 50 cards for 2nd, and 30 cards for 3rd.

The guild (clan/faction) which contributes the most to the town (when it reaches 100%) will have its guild leader as the town mayor. At the end of the event, each town mayor will be rewarded with 3m/1m/500k feso - depending on who contributed the most.

The top contributor in the server will receive a +9 Constellation weapon of his choice or have an existing equipment be modified to its maximum enchantment limits.


llyse said…
Are those flags in the end screencap variations of the Noble Court flags? I thought those were sGE-unique o.o.
Ashardalon said…
Yes, they are variants of sGE Noble Court flags. For cGE, they are rewards for the new event and the flag color depends on the chosen town instead of family level.

These flags aren't unique to sGE though. IIRC, jGE has them as well.
Manny said…
The thing that is unique about those flags in sGE is the reward system behind it, not the flags themselves.

I've these flag before they were officially released in sGE.