Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE 3D Model

A small useful software can be used to render the 3D models of Granado Espada. The software website was linked from [遊戲] 改造Granado Espada by Flymok. See also 卓越之剑角色模型带完整贴图(第5次更新).

3D Sample: monster_novia_set1.lma

Some basic instructions...
  1. Download 3D Object Convertor v4.4.0, then use the built-in updater to update to v4.4.13.
  2. Extract the desired 3D (.lma) file from char_hi.ipf or item_hi.ipf with IPF Extractor. You may also use low and mid versions of the files.
  3. Extract the associated texture (.dds) files from char_texture.ipf and/or item_texture.ipf with IPF Extractor.
  4. Move or copy the texture (.dds) files to the folder containing the 3D (.lma) files, if necessary.
  5. Open the 3D (.lma) file with 3D Object Convertor v4.4.13.
  6. Click Textured button to load the textures. If it loads the wrong texture (e.g. head texture on object body), continue to steps #7-8. If you try to load texture without any texture (.dds) files in the folder (see step #4), it will report an error telling you which texture files are missing.
  7. Click Object & Material Selector button to open the side bar.
  8. Right-click on each material to check its Texture Name field. To change it, click Browse button and select the desired texture file.

Opening Texture (.dds) Files
You may also open the texture (.dds) files without loading its 3D file to view the textures as flat images. For example, there are several variant colors of various armors/costumes like Corsair Rosso and Sunset Stripe.

For softwares to view .dds files, see Windows Texture Viewer and NVIDIA Plug-Ins for Adobe PhotoShop. Alternatively, you can use the freeware IrfanView to open .dds files. (You must install the IrfanView Plug-Ins first.)


GT said…
Soooo much love to you!
I hate trying to navigate through Chinese boards in order to find this stuff. The DnF sprite extractor thing took me forever to find >_>. Though once I found the board, it was pretty smooth from there.

Anyway,thanks a billion!