Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 74: More Chess Pieces

The experts took a short break for Averroes (Najib) and Qilue (f/sco) to train in Gehenna Bridge, Skeleton Dungeon 1F, and Topolo Durga. Averroes (Najib) reached Lv.100, so he can now use +6 Veteran Pioneer Rifle for his hunting job. Loki (Tiburon) and Hermes (Ramiro) spent some time loitering in Gigante Beach. Thereafter, Pazuzu (STF) resumed his training in Bahamar Murky Bayou again, reaching Expert Lv.5 and looting 3 Old Chess Pieces.

The treasure hunters found Bracelet of Leviathan as their 37th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2. It was a close shave, as they found it just a few seconds before the hunt ended. Another hunt ended with nobody finding the treasure. The experts recovered a miserable Grim-Shout from Bellem's Relics.

This week, G1 servers were under some sort of denial-of-service attacks for hours.1 No compensation will be given, according to Neume2, but there will be another EXP event when v3.4 officially launches... Soon™. Feb 17 is the latest tentative date3, although it is unclear whether this date is for open beta or official launch4.