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Sword 172: Jormongand Again & Clock Tower

The various missions this week yielded 2 Symbols of Gemini, 2 Symbols of Leo, Symbol of Taurus, and Symbol of Aries. Our subsidiary family joined 3 party missions and got Dragon Heart Recipe and Symbol of Scorpio. Louis Arsene III dropped yet another Elite Schvarlier Armor Recipe this week. Why was it that he never dropped the recipe for us back when it was still worth a lot? Bleh.

Anyway, we also revisited old Jormongand with a few other families to find that it has grown stronger. It was becoming lonely, so it waived the reputation cost for visiting it. Our last visit was about 8 months ago (see Sword 136). The new roulette chest dropped us Jormongand Leather among random stuffs.

Along with our subsidiary family, we spent some of our Christmas Coins. We purchased 2 Expert Promotion Recipes (Event), and opened 12 Winter Season Boxes. The boxes dropped the following rubbish:
  1. 2 Snowman, 1 Christmas Tree
  2. 3 Snowman, 1 Christmas Tree
  3. 2 Snowman, 2 Christmas Tree, 1 Rudolph Hat
  4. 1 Snowman, 2 Christmas Tree
  5. 2 Snowman, 2 Christmas Tree
  6. 3 Snowman, 1 Christmas Tree
  7. 2 Snowman, 3 Christmas Tree
  8. 3 Snowman, 3 Christmas Tree
  9. 3 Snowman, 2 Christmas Tree
  10. 3 Snowman, 2 Christmas Tree
  11. 3 Snowman, 2 Christmas Tree
  12. 3 Snowman, 1 Christmas Tree
So we ended up buying Santa Costume and Santa Hat for Artemisia (Calyce), spending 90m and 50m vis respectively. In terms of Gold, 1 Master Promotion Recipe is equivalent to 1.25 (500/400) Expert Promotion Recipe. However, in terms of Christmas Coins, 1 Master Promotion Recipe is equivalent to 1.5 (90/60) Expert Promotion Recipe.

We also decided to spend a few days in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area to take advantage of the event's stance EXP +50% bonus. Alustriel (ETS) acquired and mastered [Darkness] stance, reaching Expert Lv.8. Since veteran stance books were now available for 1m vis each, we also mastered 9 other stances for various characters.

Mirajane (Lisa) arrived in Viron to meet with Oswalts in order to find Tora. The little boy apparently had become Bardi's "daughter" instead of son. (Did Adelina castrate him? That will go a long way to explain his animosity and intent on vengeance!) However, Oswalts said that Mirajane (Lisa) was too noob to face the little boy/girl. So we decided to provide some intensive training for her in Caebolan Citadel.

Using a combination of Combat Manual (20%), Lucky Pouch (20%), Pan Pan (20%), Witch's Candy (20%), and Christmas Stocking (30%), Athena (f/fig), Selene (Asoka), Adorabelle (f/ele), and Pazuzu (STF) took turns to train Mirajane (Lisa), and all the trainers finally reached Master Lv.10. Soteira (Helena) also reached Master Lv.5, while Brisingamen (Karjalain) was promoted to Expert Lv.1. While resting from killing Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers, Lourdes (Grace) mastered her [Superior Blaster] stance. Soon, Mirajane (Lisa) would be ready to face Oswalts and the boy/girl Tora again...

Oh, and we sold Ishtar (Master Valeria) and Willikins (Expert Raven) into slavery, and recruited both characters again from our subsidiary family to subsume their identities...

The Secret of the Clock Tower (v8.5)
Last week, we arrived in Viron, and received a mail to see Farrel. According to Farrel, the clock tower was the remains of an ancient civilization that existed before the city of Viron was even established. The tower entrance was sealed by an impossible lock, yet there were still guards stationed at the entrance. Well, they looked like guards, but they were really extortionists capitalizing on the tower to demand gate tolls.

We got Gertrude to craft a skeleton key... which broke. (Useless guy!) He sent us to Genia the Alchemist, who crafted a spell key... which worked. She told us subsequent spell keys could be crafted with materials costing about 3.5m vis. Alternatively, she could trade a spell key for 2 Earth Stones (10k feso each). This means that using Earth Stones would be a better deal as long as the current feso rate does not go over 1:173.

Once inside the tower, we rang a door-bell clicked on a mechanism to summon the inhabitants and then ran away. Farrel then told us to run along, but he can't keep his mouth shut, so Lionel found out about the tower and shamelessly told us to help him with the investigations. (No kidding. The blasted tower is right in the middle of the city, directly in front of Lionel's location. He was staring at it all the time, and never wondered about it before apparently.)

We bribed the guard with 1 Elemental Jewel, and went into Viron Clock Tower with some other pioneer families. We fought our way up to 7th floor and defeated Candlegeister (L135 Golem). On the 8th floor, we divided up to spank Steamgeister (L135 Golem), which needed to be fought together with its clone in the other room. Along the way, we collected a few Stones of Soul, Wheels of Time, and Enchantment Chips.

Later, Lionel managed to stop Farrel from using the secret of the clock tower to take over the world... (Typical evil guy's objective, but Farrel failed because he did not follow some basic pointers on How To Take Over The World.) Lionel decided to take a vacation with us, and said he would like to visit Vespanola and see his little sister... As a result, our first impression was to name him Humbert, after the narrator of the novel Lolita. But in the end, we settled for calling him Zarathustra (Lionel) after the Iranian prophet and founder of Zoroastrianism, who was used by Friedrich Nietzsche to present the philosophical concepts of the over-man and eternal return.

Zarathustra (Lionel) was promoted to Veteran Lv.1, and mastered [Outrage Shot]. He opened his first 100 Letizia Shiny Boxes... and got crap. The wings (1-day) and portable ammo boxes (1-day) are particularly annoying, since they don't stack and take up limited inventory space. See [Quest] Byron Clock Tower and [RNPC] Lionel for actual quest details.


Sacred said…
Can you please give some details about Jormmogand/Garim mission?
I guess is not possible to solo anymore like before, so what's the strategy and teams suggested for this raid?

Regards ~
Sesomaru said…
Yes pls can u give a brife description on the raid i try it once we were 2 and failed at the part where u have to splite.
Whats the jorm crust it tell u when u make a room?And heared u n need a seal to after the splite rooms.
banbha said…
you need to kill all mobs around the crystal both sides or kill the koc that spawns if you fail its 74 ar 76 dr 314 def so take ele's
Ashardalon said…
I'd be posting more on this mission later, but I'm still missing the stats pic of Pollux, since I went right for Castor. May take a while before I get enough materials to craft the mark again.

@Sesomaru: You need to use Jormongand Mark to open the roulette chest. Jormongand still has 10% chance of dropping his leather (based on v8.5 datatable), but doesn't drop anything else AFAIK. So loot will have to come from roulette.