Granado Espada Music

As mentioned in the forums here, Granado Espada has been rated as having the top 10 best MMO theme songs in The Perfect Ten: Best MMO Theme Songs Part 2. Since we are on the subject of music, I found a music score for Granado Espada a long time ago. I don't really remember where it came from, but you can download it (.pdf) from the link on the right hosted by MediaFire.

On the side note, I love Stones, the theme song for Ultima Online and the even older Ultima series. Here's a Chamber rendering of the same song from Ultima IX.


Silfo said…
where i can find .ipf of background music of all game?, i have the one from sword 2 , but i want the one that has all until ver10
Ashardalon said…
You need to download/install a v10 client (e.g. kGE) from the official website.